Ok guys, I've been lurking here for a while soaking up all of your excellent input and suggestions and now its time to get ready for my first Tourney with Nids.

I'm fairly new back to 40K (last time i played much was during 2nd edition about 12 years ago). Ive gotten some games in with a Necron army but building a Nid list is quite a bit different than Crons.

Hive Tyrant (Flyrant)
2x TL Devourer
Enhanced Senses
Toxin Sacs
Flesh Hooks
Warp Field

3 Warriors (all have enhanced senses, extended cara., and toxin sacs)
1 with Barb. Strangler and Scyth Talons
2 w/ TL Deathspitters


Dakkafex #2

Stabby fex
2x Scyth Talons
WS Adrenal
Toxic Miasma
Flesh Hooks

20 Termagaunts
20 Termagaunts

20 Spine Gaunts (Without Number)
19 Spine Gaunts (Without Number)

10 Genestealers
Ext Cara.
Flesh Hooks

Sniperfex #1 (Barb Str, VC, Ext Cara, Enh Sense)

Sniperfex #2

3 x Zoantrhope
Warp Blast

And that all comes up to 1997 points if I did my math right.

Please keep in mind that some of these choices were due to having to play what I have. I would LOVE to have a second hive tyrant, but sadly I ran out of money.

The Tourney scene around here is fairly varied and i expcet to run into some eldar, chaos (marines and demons...including one particularly hard Nurgle army) and marines. The marines around here have been pretty standard (IE. Land Raiders and Devestator Squads), but I have started to see drop pods. These are almost imossible to beat with Crons, but Im hoping that Nids have better luck.

My plan, at the moment, is to run the Spinegaunts ahead of the rest of the army and get them at least one shot in before going into CC to hold up some squads and hopefully get a few kills. Without number will allow them to come back and either run up and get some more shots in, or attempt to take some objectives depending on mission and sitsuation.

Stabbyfex should be going up and trying to find some tanks to flip or some small squads that he can have his way with. Even if the Shootyfex's get near a tank they should be more than enought to charge in and flip it if necessary.

Shootyfex's and warriors will slowly advance, if possible, and attempt to pie plate everything in sight. If there are objectives I will be attempting to park any fexes near the objectives, as they should be able to stick around and at least contest them (or die trying).

Finally I plan on using the GS's to outflank. Keeping them off the board for a few turns and then coming in on a flank will hopefully increase their efffectivness. If they come in late then can always make a mad dash for an objective.

The only thing I'm a little fuzzy on is how the Flyrant should be used. I have read many posts extolling his virtue, and I have no doubt that a 12" move plus 12 Str 5 shots is awesome, but what is the best way to use him? Use mobility to stay out of range and shoot each turn? Shoot and then charge into CC? If so, should he be hunting large targets, characters, something else?

Anyway, thank you to anyone who read through all of this and thank you in advance for any replies.