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    Need help with good list...

    Howdy! I'm almost finished painting my Necron army, and I'm trying to come up with a good list to start with...

    Here's what I have for models

    2 Foot lord
    1 Destroyer lord

    40 Warriors
    17 Immortals (actually the original metal warrior model, but 'counts as' in this case)
    7 Destroyer
    1 Heavy Destroyer
    3 Wraith
    1 Tomb Spider
    10 4x Scarab Bases

    In 1500, I'm thnking about a Flying Circus and a Destroyer Lord with the Wraiths, and all models Necron

    The Flying Circus (480)
    Lord, VoD, Orb
    10 Immortals

    Wraiths/D Lord (263)
    Lord, Destroyer Body, Warscythe
    3 Wraiths

    4 Destroyers (200)

    10 Warriors (180)
    10 Warriors (180)
    10 Warriors (180)

    1483 pts Phase at 13

    Whadda Think? Is there a better way to utilize my models?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think it sounds great! Personally I'd consolidate your warriors into 2 groups of 15 though. Big groups of warriors (although a pain in the ass to move around the table) are incredibly resilient and will force your opponent to direct fire from multiple groups to just 1 group of warriors to take it out. This past weekend I tried 2 groups of 20 for the first time and at one point I had 1 group engaged in combat with 3 other units, and they held their own for 3 turns! (great opportunity to have your wraiths swoop in and make a mess of things ) Plus with more models in a unit theres less of a chance of suffering 25% casualties during a shooting phase.

    Oh, and get rid of the orb on your foot lord. There probably won't be many S10 weapons firing at your immortals. In most cases they'll get their WBB rolls so you can spend this 40pts elsewhere... Either pick up solar pulse (for when you plan to veil into an area where you might get shot up) or sink those extra points into more warriors.

    Necrons ~4500pts / Orks ~2000pts / Thousand Sons ~750pts


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