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    1750 - WAAAGH! Skwigbref

    Warboss Skwigbref - 105
    Power klaw, shoota/skorcha kombi weapon, cybork body, 'eavy armor

    Big Mek Know-Wotz - 100
    Kustom force field, cybork body, 'eavy armor

    13 Lootas (2 Meks) - 195
    2 Meks, 2 Kustom mega-blastas

    5 Kommandos - 115
    Big shoota, burna, Nob w/ power klaw, 'eavy armor & bosspole

    3 Meganobz - 180
    1 kombi shoota-skorcha, trukk w/ grot riggers, armor plates & reinforced ram

    25 Slugga Boyz - 195
    Nob w/ power klaw, 'eavy armor & bosspole

    25 Slugga Boyz - 195
    Nob w/ power klaw, 'eavy armor & bosspole

    12 'Ard Boyz - 215
    'Ard Boyz, Nob w/ power klaw & bosspole, trukk w/ grot riggers, armor plates & reinforced ram

    30 Shoota Boyz - 235
    Shootas, 2 big shootas, nob w/ power klaw, 'eavy armor & bosspole

    13 Gretchin - 49

    3 Killa Kans - 165
    3 kustom mega-blastas


    I'd have liked to get in a small group of nobz for the warboss, and maybe a battlewagon for them, but couldn't find the points with the small, throw-away MANZ squad.

    Very tentative list, but thanks for reading. Any advice or help is greatly appriciated.

    Fire away: Dakkadakkadakka!

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    For this list, I'm not sure if there's a need for the warboss. The points are honestly better off used on increasing the units of normal boyz in the units. If you do use a warboss, I'd only use a warboss in mega armor, to give the unit of meganbobz a bosspole. He wont' really be useful any other way.

    All the armor on the big mek seems kind of like overkill. If he's attacked in close combat, he'll most likely be dead either way. 'eavy armor is fine, but cybork's overdoing it on big meks. It's still great on warbosses though.

    The kommandos are way too small to be effective. They'll be wiped out in short order. You need at least 9, but they don't have to be official kommando models. Any boyz will do, as long as they're equipped with the right weapons, and have a distinctive paint job. I also wouldn't mix weapons. I'd either use big shootas or burnas, not a combination of both.

    I'm not a fan of 'ard boyz, since it nearly doubles the cost of each boy while only making them slightly more effective. That's just a personal opinion though. Many people use them, so decide for yourself.

    The armor plates and grot riggers are a waste on trukks. If the enemy scores a vehilcle damage result against them, these upgrades aren't going to save them. Since it's open topped and armor 10, it's very unlikely that armor plates will make any difference, since it only does something if they specifically roll a 3 on a glancing hit, or specifically a 1 for a penetrating hit. Statistically, that's not very likely, and that's not even accounting for special abilities and guns that increase the damage further. Grot riggers are even less useful, because if you're sitting still for another one of your opponent's shooting phase, it'll almost certainly be destroyed before it ever moves again. The rams are great though. Keep those.

    Everything else looks fine. Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    I would give the Warboss Mega Armour and travel with the Mega Nobz.
    Also the Kommandoz ain't going to kill nothing or even last. I suggest dropping them and the Cybork Body on the Big Mek for another Meganob (That makes 5 including Warboss) and some big gunz on the Boyz units.
    "You're about as useful as a one-legged man at an arse kicking contest"

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