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Thread: noobie 1k army

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    Senior Member sir stompalot's Avatar
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    noobie 1k army

    Hello fellow warbosses this is my first post so please pardon any mistakes

    Hq-war boss PK, TL shoota, eavy armour, cybork body, BP 110pts

    trps- 6 nobs eavy armour 150pts
    trukk red paint job armour plates, ram grot riggers 60pts
    20 slugga boyz 2 big shootas nob with PK BP 170pts

    20 slugga boyz same as above 170pts

    Fast attack 3 deffkoptas -rokkits 135pts

    3 bikes- nob PK 110pts

    total 905

    I still have 95 pts left so what should I buy? Please tear this list apart so I can tear apart my enemies.

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    LO Zealot mynameisgrax's Avatar
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    Welcome to the orks! Your army looks like a good start, but there's a few things I'd change.

    First of all, never give a warboss the bosspole. Bosspoles are a necessity in most ork units, but you should always put them on the group the warboss is joining, not the warboss himself. There's no advantage to having it on the warboss, and if he's singled out and killed early, the unit loses it.

    The warboss and groups of slugga boyz look fine.

    The warbikes will be fine as long as you give them a bosspole. The re-roll on the leadership check effectively raises their leadership by 2, from 7 to 9 (statistically). With orks, this is invaluable, especially in small units. Also, the warbikers would do better if you had 5-6 in the unit, instead of 3. Of course, if 3 is all you have, then that's good enough.

    I don't like units of 2-4 deffkoptas. Only one casualty will send them running. You might want to consider using them individually, with 3 units of 1 deffkopta per unit. Of course, that will give you trouble in annihilation missions, so the best move would be to use 5 deffkoptas, so they can take a casualty without panicking. Again, if 3 is all you have, then running 2-3 of them individually, in units of 1 deffkopta each, is fine.

    The only unit which needs a massive overall is the unit of nobz. Nobz need several things in order to be effective, and the unit in the list only has one of them: a transport. The transport is really overloaded though. The armor plates and grot riggers should go. Trust me, if the enemy is in a position to direclty shoot it or damage it, then no amount of upgrades will keep it running. The best thing you can do is keep it obscured behind cover, and always include a ram, so you can drive straight through the cover, and assault the enemy in the same turn. I don't use red paint, but use it if you like it. I just can't remember a single inch making any difference.

    Back to the nobz. In order to be effective, you really need 7-10 nobz in a trukk with a ram, and also all of the following directly in the unit (none of them are optional):

    1-3 powerklaws (make them out of random bits of plastic if you don't have them)

    Painboy (you don't need an actual painboy model, just paint a nob slightly different)

    Cybork bodies (you don't need to model this)

    A Waugghh banner

    A Bosspole (the most important upgrade in the ork army)

    If you don't have all these things, then you'll never outperform the same number of points worth of regular boyz. The powerklaws are to ensure you'll do damage against vehicles and marines. The painboy is needed to help keep them all alive, especially if their transport explodes. The cybork bodies are to help them against power weapons and powerful shots (remember, strength 8 weapons like missles cause instant death). The waughh banner greatly increases the number of hits they get against marines, which is extremely helpful, especially for the powerklaws. The bosspole is absolutely mandatory for a unit this small. It's too easy for them to panic otherwise.

    Of course, this makes the unit far more expensive, but if you aren't willing to give them all these upgrades, then they're not worth taking.

    If that's the case, here's a few other very good things you could use those figures for:

    1. A unit of trukkboyz. Just get 6 more boyz and include a nob with a powerklaw and bosspole. Add a trukk with a ram and you have a very effective unit.

    2. Kommandos. Add a few more slugga boyz and run a unit of 9 or more kommandos, with 2 special weapons (big shootas or burnas) and either a nob with a powerklaw and bosspole, or Snikkrot (just make an ork holding two knives). Always outflank with this unit, rather than infiltrating them at the start of the game. They're best when they jump out at the enemy from the side edges of the table.

    3. More boyz for the units on foot. Never a bad choice.

    In any case, I wouldn't use less than 3 troop choices. The nobz either need to be improved, or replaced with trukkboyz. You could also use their points to add another 20 boyz.

    When you're ready to expand your army, the best thing you can get is another Black Reach set. Find a marine player to split the box with, and you'll have more deffkoptas, another boss, and 20 more boyz. When in doubt, add more boyz. It's the ork way. ^_^

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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