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    Campaign lists 1k, 1.5k

    I'm entering into a local campaign and i need two lists, 1k, 1.5k. Here are my first shots at them:


    Farseer, spirit stones, doom, guide 120

    6 Fire Dragons, Exarch, Firepike 116

    5 Pathfinders 120

    3 Jetbikes 66

    3 Jetbikes, Shruiken cannon 76

    3 Jetbikes, Shruiken cannon 76

    10 Guardians, Scatter laser 95

    3 Vypers, 2 missile launchers, 1 Starcannon 200

    Falcon, star engines 130



    Farseer, spirit stones, doom, guide, runes of witnessing, singing spear 133

    Autarch, jetbike, lance, mandiblasters, fusion gun 140

    3 Shining Spears, Exarch, star lance, withdraw 157

    6 Fire Dragons, Exarch, Firepike, crack shot 121

    10 Dire Avengers, Exarch, Bladestorm, 2 Catapults 152

    Wave Serpent, star engines, twin linked shruiken cannons 115

    5 Rangers 95

    3 Jetbikes, 66

    3 Jetbikes, Shruiken cannon 76

    3 Jetbikes, Shruiken cannon 76

    10 Guardians, Scatter laser 95

    2 Vypers, 2 Starcannons 140

    Falcon, star engines 130


    i can't change my army list so these lists have got to be suited for every army i play.

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    For the 1500 point list.

    HQ: Farseer is good. I would prefer runes of warding rather than witnessing. Autarch is ok but you pay a lot to get those attacks. You could drop him for 2 more shining spears that would get about the same combat power on the charge but cost a lot less.

    Spears: Too small, need to be 5 strong.
    Elites: Drop the exarch. 6 vanilla chaps should be fine.

    Troops: DA squad is great. Wave serpent should drop star engines for spirit stones. A Bright lance here would also boost your anti tank abilities. Bikes are good and the guardians are ok but I would like to get another DA footsloging unit if I could.

    Vipers: are ok but I think scatter lasers are better as you can go for tank side armour better. Have you considdered war walkers instead of vipers as they always turn up in dawn of war missions and don't count as open topped.

    Falcon: Could use spirit stones rather than star engines.
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