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    Question and Opinion

    My question is this: If a kroot merc army takes the ork hybrid SEA does the rider of the krootox get to bump his toughness up as well? The rules state that the reason krootox insta kill on str 6 attacks is because the RIDER actually gets shot and the krootox ambles away into the forest.

    If the ork hybrid SEA bumps every KROOT model's toughness, shouldn't that count for the rider as well? I mean, he's part of the model, it's not like I'm giving an invisible peice a stat increase.

    My opinion is this: Anghkor Prok can infiltrate like the rest of the army because the rules for the army says "every kroot unit without krootox can infiltrate." Anghkor is a kroot unit, and he doesn't got a krootox, so there.


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    Nope, Its specificaly states that Kroot ox and hounds cant have SEA's in the rules

    Choose one adaptation from the list below,
    and apply it to every Kroot in the army.
    Krootox and Kroot Hounds do not benefit
    from these signature adaptations.
    Also what are you on about with Prock??

    He gets infiltrate because he is a Kroot in a Kroot army. But if you attached him to a kroot ox unit in deployment he Cant Infiltrate. But if you attach him to any other unit then he can. It has nothing to do with SEA's
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