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    Smallest 1k list

    So, originally my Necron playing friend was complaining about how I have so many models on the field. I decided, mostly as a joke, to see how small of a list I could build in 100 points. I came up with the following, then I started considering it as a real list, but I'd like to know what you guys think.

    Ghazghkull Thraka + Armor Ammo Runt - 228
    Mad Doc Grotsnik - 160

    10 Mega Armored Nobz with (some mix of the weapon upgrades) and cybork bodies - 500
    10 Boyz with Cybork Bodies - 110

    Total 998

    I would run Ghazghkull with the MANz to make a close combat pile of pain, and Grotsnik withthe Boyz to help keep them alive. Obviously the intended opponent was a Necron Army (20 warriors, 1 nightbringerr, 1 monolith), but I actually think there's a bit of merit to this list. What do you think?

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    Ha ha. thats cool

    how about you drop grotsnik and the cybork bodies and give the MANZ a pimped out battlewagon
    And they shall know no fear, well they'll know some fear of course because fighting all those aliens can be awfully scary.

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