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    2k New to Orks, First Army list Attempt

    Nothing like a new box set to get started in an army I have yet tried in the 15 years I have being playing 40k. So heres my attempt at a list thus far. I like the speed freek idea but don't want that many kill points so its a hybrid list I would guess (The tau in me)


    120pts Warboss w/ PK, TL-Shoota, attack Squig, cybork body, eavy armor
    85pts Weirdboy w/Warphead

    Have to try a weirdboy they just seem like pure fun and maybe just might wreak havoc on something.


    180pts 12 Lootas

    Fire support straight and simple.


    400pts x6 Biker Nobz w/ x2 Pk, bosspole, Waagh Banner, Painboy, Cybork bodies
    166pts 11 boyz w/ Nob, Pk, BP in Trukk w/ Redpaint, AP, WB,
    172pts 12 boyz w/ Nob, PK, BP in Trukk w/ Redpaint, AP, WB
    172pts 12 boyz w/ Nob, PK, BP in Trukk w/ Redpaint, AP, WB
    180pts 20 shoota boyz w/ 2 rokkits w/ Nob, PK, BP
    180pts 20 shoota boyz w/ 2 rokkits w/ Nob, PK, BP

    Nice mix of troops selections, 3 Trukks charge up with the Nobz of doom along with them. 2 squads of boys march forward with the weirdboy leading them as a second wave. I would luv to see him deepstrike a unit of 20 boyz beside someone (but not to close)


    105pts x3 Warbuggies w/ TL-Rokkit Launchas
    175pts x5 Deffkoptas w/ TL-big shootas
    45pts x1 Deffkopta w/ TL-Rokkit Launcha

    Warbuggies for some more fire support and pure annoyance. Large kopta squad to outflank and go shooting crazy on rear armour. Single Rokkit kopta is just for pure annoyance factor and if you shoot it your not shooting something else.

    1980pts total, have a few point to spare. I would like a Komando squad but am not sure more outflanking is neccessary. Do I need more boyz? is what I have a good enough mix? Like I said earlier never played orcs so not used to guys with no armour save. Any feedback would be very helpful.

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    Welcome back

    Welcome back! Your list looks nice, although there are a few things I'd do:

    1. The unit of lootas really needs one more model in the unit, so it doesn't panic too quickly from casualties. It doesn't have to be a loota, if you don't have one. A mek with a big shoota or kustom mega blasta will work just as well.

    2. The trukks don't need armor plates. Trust me, if they get shot, the armor plates aren't going to make much of a difference. The best thing you can do is hide them behind cover, to get the obscurement save. Besides, since the vehicle is open topped, the armor plates only help you when your opponent rolls a result of 'stunned'. This only has a 1 in 6 chance of happening, a little less than 17%. 10 points per trukk is a lot to pay to avoid a vehicle damage resul that only comes up 17% of the time. In my experience, if your opponent is shooting at a trukk and hits it, it's probably gone.

    3. The trukks need rams more than they need wrecking balls (although having both doesn't hurt). As I mentioned before, the best way to protect trukks are to keep them behind cover, and having a ram allows you to race right through that cover, so you won't slow down simply because you hid the turn before. After accidentally immobilizing a few trukks on terrain, I now use rams on all my trukks, all of the time.

    4. I prefer big shootas in my units of boyz, rather than rokkits. Rokkits cost more and hit far less. The big shootas just seem more useful, but plenty of people use rokkits, so it's up to your.

    5. Not so much advice as it is a question: where is the warp 'ead going? I wouldn't attach it to the lootas, in case you get the 'deepstrike result'. That'd be disastrous. I'd attach him to a unit of boyz, and in that case, you might want to try and get that unit up to 30 boyz, as it might become a fire magnet. Or...

    6. You might want to consider dropping the warp 'ead and using the points (and the points from the armor plates) to get both units of boyz up to 30. That'd do a lot more for you than the warp ead or armor plates.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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