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    Burt's Space Dogs 1500

    This is my soon-to-be mercenary themed army. After reading the second Last Chancers book I've been wanting to do an army with a bunch of different races in it. I chose the ork rules and went from there.


    HQ - 200
    1x Warboss (Burt "The Hammer" Rumgut, an Imperial Ogryn)
    Powerklaw, 'eavy Armor, Cybork, Attack Squig

    1x Big Mek (A techpriest enginseer named Darius)

    Elite - 180
    12x Lootas (A combination of all races mashed into one unti. The Grotz with ridiculously huge deffguns are hilarious.)

    Troop - 895
    30x Slugga Boyz (A normal squad of ork boyz)
    Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole

    30x Slugga Boyz (15 rebel grotz and 15 cave squigs)
    Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole

    30x Slugga Boyz (A kindred of kroot mercenaries)
    Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole

    30x Shoota Boyz (A platoon of imperial catachan fighters)
    Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole, 3x Big Shootas

    Fast - 225
    5x Deffkoptas (Normal deffkoptas, but from a different clan than the boyz)
    Twin-linked Rokkitz

    Total: 1500

    Victory is achieved through mettle.
    Glory is acheived through metal.

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    Three words

    Three words, which will haunt and vex this list to no end:

    Dawn of War

    This list is actually very similar to one of my favorites, but I learned at a heavy cost that relying heavily on footsloggers (troops on foot) makes the 'Dawn of War' setup very difficult, and if you get the 'claim the 1 objective in your enemy's deployment zone' mission, victory is virtually impossible.

    You're going to need at least 1-2 troop units that can move quickly enough to claim distant objectives. You can only have 2 troop units start on the board at the beginning of the game, and if your opponent deploys first, you might only be 12in away from your own board edge. Unless the game lasts to turn 7, there just isn't a way of getting your unit all the way across the board in time to claim the objective, not when they have to fight their way there.

    I'd cut out one unit of 30 slugga boyz, and possibly the warboss. They aren't really worth it unless you're also using nobz. I'd then use the points to add 2 trukks to the list.

    I know you might be attached to the warboss (judging by the fluff), so if that's the case, you could cut out 2 lootas out of the unit of lootas, and turn the rokkit koptas into big shoota koptas.

    In any case, I'd add at least one trukk to the list. You need a troop choice that can move faster than walking speed. Either hold it back (or better yet, in reserve) and run it towards the most distant objective.

    Otherwise, the list looks great! Good luck!
    Last edited by mynameisgrax; September 30th, 2008 at 21:59. Reason: forgot one thing
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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