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    New nids player. Hows this list? (1500)


    Hive tyrant

    Weapon-Symbiotes: 2X Scytals
    Biomorphs: Winged, Adrenal Glands x2 (+I & +WS), Bio plasma, Toxin sacks, Toxic Miasma
    Hive Mind powers: Warp field
    TOTAL: 211pts


    Biomorphs: Feeder tendrils, extended carapace, Toxin sacks
    Retinue: 5x Genestealers with extended carapace
    TOTAL: 193pts
    Warrior brood (three warriors)

    Weapon Symbiotes: 3x Deathspitter, Scytals
    Biomorphs: Enhanced senses, toxin sacks
    TOTAL: 99pts
    Termagaunt brood (twenty gaunts)
    Weapon Symbiotes: fleshborers
    TOTAL: 120pts

    Spinegaunt brood (twenty gaunts)
    Weapon symbiotes: spinefists
    TOTAL: 100pts

    Hormagaunt brood (sixteen gaunts)
    Biomorphs: adrenal glands (+I), toxin sacks.
    TOTAL: 208pts

    Genestealer brood (eight stealers)
    Weapon Symbiotes: rending claws
    TOTAL: 128pts

    Warrior brood (three warriors)
    Weapon symbiotes: 2x Scytals
    Biomorphs: Winged, adrenal glands (+I), toxin sacks, extended carapace.
    TOTAL: 135pts
    Zoanthrope brood (two Zoanthropes)
    Hive Mind powers: warp blast, synapse creature.
    TOTAL: 130pts


    Weapon symbiotes: 2x twin linked devourers
    Biomorphs: Enhanced senses, Extended carapace, bonded exoskeleton, spine banks, toxic miasma, flesh hooks.
    TOTAL: 172pts
    GRAND TOTAL: 1496pts

    I plan on using the HT and WW to disrupt anti-infantry or prority attackers early on.
    Two groups of gaunts and stealers (with broodlord) split to take down the priority targets.
    The zoanthropes provide synapse for these groups, and anti SMeq/ tank.
    The hormies rush in to support the tyrant and warriors ( more so the warriors, as their durability leaves alot to be desired.)
    The ranged warriors take the best cover postiton early on ( with help from the carni) and provide anti infanty/ anti open top/skimmer etc.
    Finally, the carni watches over the ranged warriors(who will fall under attack, most likly), and once they are in cover, heads directly over to tanks, takling infanty on the way with his devourers.
    With so many targets, the enemy is bound to miss something, and that something will undo them (i hope)
    Plus, the two troop banks (which could possibly split into three) could track multiple objectives with great efficiency due to the twenty wound bank coupled with synapse. Those enemys that break the WW and tyrant, plus the pie plates-a-plenty ranged warriors could not kill the gaunts quick enough before they unleash their stealer cargo!

    I have zero experience battling though, so is this list good? and is this stratergy good?

    Thanks in advance!

    Ps: Please dont say "drop bioplasma, it sucks!" because as far as im concerned, the rules for bioplasma make no mention of enemy models being taken from the front to stop the assault. You cant stop an assualt unless you win(either fully or you scare them away) or you have a special rule like hit and run! THINK, why are units "locked in assault"...because they have no way out!
    And an extra attack on my tyrant will help him buffet the enemy longer, regardless of MC power weapon rules.
    sorry, that was just my two cents.

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