A friend of mine plays 'Nids and is gonna enter his first tournament soon.
(a local friendly gaming club tournament so nothing fancy)

This is the list he came up with,
I thought I'd post it here to get the opinion of other Tyranid players.

This is his list:

HQ Hive tyrant 2 x scything talon
HQ Broodlord met 8 x genestealer scything talons

ELITE 4 x warrior met deathspitter + 1 warrior met venom cannon

TROOPS 10 x gaunt met fleshborer
TROOPS 10 x gaunt met fleshborer
TROOPS 8 x gaunt met devourer
TROOPS 10 x genestealer
TROOPS 10 x hormagaunt

HEAVY 3 x zoanthrope met synapse, warp blast
HEAVY carnifex met glands +1 I, enhanced senses, tusked, crushing claws, venom cannon
HEAVY carnifex met glands +1 I +1 WS, bonded exoskeleton, extended carapace, regenerate, reinforced chitin, spore cyst, scythe tail, toxin sacs, crushing claws, scything talons

What do you make of that? Any comments, suggestions, things that should go/stay...