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    my first 500pt list

    hello all this is my first tyranid army list im a new poster to these forums and would love some advice on playing a tyranid army such as this and or any mistakes/sugestions relating to it

    Dakka Flyrant
    Hive Tyrant –
    Enhanced Senses (+1BS) -
    Toxin Sacs (+1S) –
    Winged –
    Twin-Linked Devourer –
    Twin-Linked Devourer –
    The Shadow In The Warp –
    Total Pts = 171

    Heavy Support
    Sniper ‘Fex
    Carnifex –
    Enhanced Senses (+1BS) –
    Spine Banks –
    Barbed Strangler –
    Venom Cannon –
    Total Pts = 153

    8x Gaunt –
    Fleshborer –
    Total Pts = 48pts

    8x Genestealer –
    Total Pts = 128

    Overall Army Total = 500 pts

    just some background into my collection i have purchased a box of warriors, gaunts, 2 zoanthropes and a hive tyrant that i am converting with balrog wings and am magnetizing dual scything talons or dual twinlinked devourers.

    i have ordered a fex and a box of genestealers and am plannin to buy them this week.

    the people i will play with include 2 space marine armies a necron army and a orc army so i decided to use my genestealers instead of hormagaunts as my understanding is they are better against the majority MEq armies that i will be facing.

    i am concerned that havin two monstrous creatures will cause an issue with my enemy outnumbering me but as they are such an appealing part of tyranids to me, i thought i would give them a try.

    would love sugestions on modifications to my list and also (im not sure if this is the right place to ask but..) how i should build to my army ie what units i should buy next.

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