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    votewar list, 2k points

    Hey guys, right now there's a codex showdown votewar brewing. To my knowledge no nids list has been submitted or is even in the works, so I decided to roll one up, get a consensus from you guys about changes to the list, and then make sure the nids are properly represented when the war starts up in a week. click here for the full explanation.

    That said, here's the list I rolled up, I was doing the warriors and the tyrants off the top of my head, so while I know I'm close, I may be off by a few points here and there. I'll fix it by adjusting the spine guants once I'm back home with my codex.

    Flyrant, wings, warp field, sacs, senses and 2x TL devs 196
    Tyrant sacs, senses, 2x devs 2x guards with lash whips 211

    3x warriors with sacs, senses and TL devs 105
    3x warriors with sacs, senses and TL devs 105
    3x warriors with sacs, senses and TL devs 105

    8 naked stealers
    8 naked stealers

    29 spine gaunts
    29 spine gaunts
    28 spine gaunts
    10 hormigaunts

    sniperfex, VC, BS, senses 148
    sniperfex, VC, BS, senses 148
    3x zoies WB, synapse (sceam instead?) 195

    What do you guys think? post changes edits suggestions before this weekend so we can get our list in.

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    For the sake of really showcasing, not sure what you would be fighting:

    Would suggest showing off some of the true meaning of the Nids,

    I've been a true fan of shadow of the warp ever since reading about it, Shadow Chorus ,god help the other team attempting their Psychic and LD tests. With the raw numbers you are taking would be invaluable with the Flyrant screaming and your walker taking the shadow for distance cover.

    Other than that, looks good really just nit picking ,
    maybe a lictor?
    Just thinking about all of the unique rules that other armies don't get to deal with on a regular basis.

    Simple nid check list:

    Tons of little runners *check*
    Scary big Shooty-fexs *check*
    Flyer and WAlker HQ *check*
    Armor negation CC *Check*
    Zoas *check*

    Gl, hope it goes well.

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