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Thread: 1k friendly

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    Sep 2008
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    1k friendly

    - Power Klaw
    - TL Shoota
    - 'Eavy Armor
    95 pts

    big mek
    shokk attack gun 110pts

    warphead 85pts


    5 nobz 155pts

    5 burnas
    mekboy 75pts


    20 ork boyz
    nob pk
    bosspole 240pts

    15 gretchin
    grabba stick 55pts

    deff dred
    2 big shootas
    2 dred cc weapons


    2 deffkoptas 80pts
    kustom mega blastas


    The ork basics said burna boys need transport, but i still need to build a trukk, so they'll have to go without. I will probably just use the gretchen as a living shield for them :p

    This list is pretty much based on what I have at the moment, so i'd like to keep it pretty close to this. I have another deffkopta i can field, and i still need to get the big mek but the rest i have ready. I was originally going to assemble my burna boys as lootas but i butchered the loota guns to put on my deff dred scratchbuild, so burnas it is.

    It's just a friendly game so 10 pts over isnt really a problem

    I kind of think I might need more ork boyz...what do you think?

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    this list looks good for a friendly game. but you can only take 2 HQs, so you'll have to drop one, and with deffkoptas, its best to take them in units 0f 5 or 1. so you should just put them separately. when you drop one of your bosses, maybe you should increase the size of your grotz or even replace them with more boyz. the 'ard boyz upgrade is realy just a waist of points in a game this size. you should get rid of it and again..... more boyz. also your mek is only 95 points, but you said that you don't have it yet so i'm guessing thats the HQ your dropping.

    good luck
    And they shall know no fear, well they'll know some fear of course because fighting all those aliens can be awfully scary.

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    Firstly you can only have 2 hqs.
    At this level you only need the warboss. so getting rid of the mek and warphead will give you 185 pts[10 pts gone to compensate for the fact that you were slightly over]
    The nobs should have a painboy and a trukk, get rid of a power klaw and give them all cybork bodies.
    an example unit: trps- 6 nobs painboy PK waaagh banner cybork bodies bosspole 225pts
    trukk-ram, red paint job 45pts

    you did the math on the dread wrong its only 85pts
    get rid of the ard boyz upgrade, deffkoptas, and the grots. use these points with the extra 30pts from the dread to expand the boy unit to 25 and get a second unit.
    this would leave 95pts buy another box of burnas and give your warboss cybork body. also give the dread armour plates as a point filler

    Lets go massacre something

    I am a sexy shoeless god of war!

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    Feb 2008
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    I talked to you a bit in the LO chatroom. You mentioned wanting to keep the Weirdboy, Burnas, and Dredd. What do you think of this list?

    Weirdboy- Warphead

    11x Burna Boyz
    -Mek Boy, Grot Oiler

    28x Slugga Boyz
    -Nob- Klaw, Pole
    -Trukk- Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram
    28x Slugga Boyz
    -Nob- Klaw, Pole
    11x Slugga Boyz
    -Nob- Klaw, Pole
    -Trukk- Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram

    Deff Dread- 3x DCCW, Skorcha, Grot Rigger

    Total: 1000pts

    You'll notice two Trukks. One for a 12-Ork squad (11 sluggas + Nob), and one for the 29-Ork squad. Obviously, this is not for them. Through the wonders of 5th edition, transports are no longer dedicated. You'll start the game with the Boyz not in their Trukk (obviously, since 29 orks can't fit in a 12-seat Trukk), with the Burna squad standing right next to it. During your first movement phase, the Burnas step inside the Trukk handily offered by the large group of Sluggas and viola! 19" movement for Burna Boyz.

    Your 12-ork squad is to run alongside your other Trukk for backup and added speedy killing ability.

    Of course, Sir Stompy has good advice, too.

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