Hq- Hive tyrant 221
toxin sacs
enhanced senses
adrenal glands i
toxic miasma
flesh hooks
warp field
2x twin linked devourers

My plan is to use it as an ordinary dual devourer tyrant but thn 2nd turn after shooting if the squad isnt dead then go assualt after 2nd shooting

Hq-Broodlord 156
feeder tendrils
flesh hooks
5 genestealer

No specific pln other than get into combat.
are feeder tendrils and flesh hooks applied to retinue if so does feeder tenndrils affect other units with in range of broodlord or broodlord and genestealers

Elite- 3 Warriors 91
enhanced senses
2x deathspitter
venom cannon
3x scything talons

Possibly shooting at light vehicles or possibly infantry

Troop- 11 hormaguants 121
Adrenal glands I
Troop 10 hormaguants 111
Adrenal glands I
These were very effective against chaos in my first ever battle because they attacked 1st otherwise im sure theyd have got decimated and done nothing

Troop 11 guants

troop 10 guants
Not sure wether to merge the 2 spineguant squads or keep them seperate

Troop 9 genestealers 171
These will outflank the enemy hopefully with good dice rolling to whichever flank needs them more

Fast attack 1 ravener 50
Rending claws+scything talons
Not quite sure how to use possibly cheap lictor or just a distraction

Fast attack 3x warriors 132
3x rendingclaws
3x scything talons
adrenal glands I
Extended Carapace
Fast synaspse possibly supporting hhormaguants and broodlord

Heavy support2x Zoanthropes 125
2x Warp blast
1x synapse
1x catalyst
im not sure if this unit is legal
Used as primary tank hunters synapse where nereded and catalyst near spineguants or hormaguants

Heavy support Carnifex 163
enhanced senses
Reinforced chitin
barbed strangler
venom cannon
Vehicle harraser as he cant penetrate i dont think and big distraction

Heavy support Biovore max 55
Toxin frag or bioacid spore mine
Use dependent on game not sure which spore mines will be needed most
I personally am workinderunder the following assumption which seems logical to me.
Worth 0 kill points if blown up by being in contact with enemy or destroyed by synapse worth 1 kill point if killed by enemy
To clarify is each spore mine classed as seperate unit and if i destroy 1 do the others get destroyed

Please make any suggestions you wish