1500pt Alaitoc army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pt Alaitoc army

    Below is a persnal take on an Alaitoc army list which i am currently building, all comment critisim welcome.
    1 farseer guide, dooom and spirit stones 120
    10 dire avengers SS &PW defend bladestorm 177
    5 pathfinders 120
    5 pathfinders 120
    3 guardian jetbike with 1 shuriken canon 76
    8 hearlequins including shodowseer and 8 kissess 206
    9 warp spiders 198
    5 dark reapers exarch with tempest launcher and fast shot 217
    1 wraithlord brightlance and two flamers 130
    1 wraithlord brightlance nd two flamers 130
    Total 1494 pts.
    I would like to include the harlequins for CC as they fit the background, but I have not used them in the 5th edn. i have used scorpions and banshees with good effect in other lists. My main opponents are marines both regular and spikey orks and nids. Also is it worth including a death jester in a harlequin squad as i love the model?As already stated all advice welcome

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