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Thread: Orks 2k

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    Orks 2k

    I got pulled into a 2k game today, this is what I came up with. I did rather well against Ultramarines (game practically over top of turn 3, tabled turn 4), but not as well as I was intending. I think I have a few too many point sinks in the Nobs and Kommandos, but I can see where both can be great in the right situations.

    Warboss- Klaw, Squig, Cybork- 110
    Big Mek- Shokk Attack Gun- 95

    15x Kommandos- 2x Burnas- 255
    15x Lootas- 225

    9x Nobz- 2x Klaws, WAAAGH! Banner, Bosspole, Cybork Bodies- 370
    -Trukk- Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram
    20x Boyz- 160
    -Nob- Klaw, Bosspole
    20x Boyz- 160
    -Nob- Klaw, Bosspole
    12x Boyz- 157
    -Nob- Klaw, Bosspole
    -Trukk- Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram
    12x Boyz- 157
    -Nob- Klaw, Bosspole
    -Trukk- Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram
    Deff Dread- 3x DCCW, Skorcha- 95

    Fast Attack:
    2x Deffkoptas- TL Rokkits- 90

    Heavy Support:
    Battlewagon- Big Shoota, Red Paint Job, Deff Rolla, Grot Rigger- 125

    Total: 1999

    The Warboss and Nobz were in one group, but I found they were mostly overkill. All they did in this game was fly up, get lucky with the Trukk not exploding, then open a couple tanks. The Warboss by himself was enough to wreck the Marine tanks (Vindicator and Predator), leaving the rest of this pricey squad to accomplish next to nothing. I'm sure had I thrown these guys into fights with Tactical squad I'd have been happier, but he was playing with a ton of vehicles. At the same time, I'm just not sure if these guys are worth the 480 points they cost (Nobz, Painboy, Boss, Trukk). Rather, I'm pretty sure they're not.

    My Big Mek's Shokk Attack gun has backfired once in a previous game, but at only 95 points it's not terribly detrimental if he kills himself, but the potential for annihilating my own groups is definitely there. However, it's such a great Marine killer when it's not killing my own army. Thankfully, I didn't roll any doubles in this last match.

    The Kommandos and Snikrot are a nasty surprise unit, I've found they're great for a supplemental wave of reinforcements where needed. Their hefty pricetag just bugs me at times, especially when they don't quite finish the job as intended.

    I like my Lootas, and they work well with the Mek's Shokk Attack Gun most of the time. I don't like when they underwhelm: roll tons of dice just to miss the vast majority, and watching the wounds bounce off of Marine armor. Though, I guess that's the point of Lootas, just another random unit in the Ork list.

    I like having two 20-ork squads of Boyz, one to ride in the battle wagon and the other to hang back and sit on my own Objectives. Not too many things can whittle down 20 Boyz with 3+ cover saves (Go to Ground), and anything that can is at the top of my to-kill list. The Battlewagon is just fun, although it got taken out by a lucky side-armor shot from a Hunter-Killer missile this last game in the first turn.

    I like my Deff Dread, partially because it's my Looted Carnifex (still in the works). If my opponent ignores it, it's a nasty subject at close range. This past game it ate a Land Raider, so definitely earned its points. If my opponent doesn't ignore it, well, at least it's distracting.

    Outflanking Deffkoptas is always nice, snagging side or back tank armor or just shooting Marines for supplemental firepower before a Boyz squad's charge.

    Battlewagon is there to drive the Boyz around in style, dealing d6 S10 hits where appropriate.

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    Overall, I'd use what's fun. If the dread and SAG are fun then use them, although they're not the most competitive of units.

    I usually run dreads with 2 big shootas and grot riggers rather than close combat weapons (they're too expensive). In any case, I'd give the dread some grot riggers, or else he'll be useless if immobilized.

    I use a unit of 11-15 grots with a runtherder as a 'retinue' of sorts for my SAG. Putting the SAG with anything else is too costly if they're annihilated. You could run the dread as an heavy choice if you'd like to do this.

    I usually give warbosses 'eavy armor, or else they're too easily singled out and killed.

    Deffkoptas aren't very useful in units of 2-4, since one casualty will send them running. In this circumstance, I'd run 2 units, each with 1 deffkopta in it.

    You could probably shave 2 nobz out of the unit of nobz without hurting the unit. You could also downgrade the unit into a regular trukk of slugga boyz, and use the points for other things, like more boyz or a larger unit of deffkoptas.

    If you're keeping one of the units of 20 boyz back, then I'd make them shoota boyz if possible, give them big shootas, and increase their number to 30. Otherwise they might get eaten up by ordnance.

    In any case, the list looks well balanced and fun. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Good luck!
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    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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