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Thread: HF Chimera

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    HF Chimera

    Alright this is the current semblance for my tyranids. I've played a few games with them and have had to make several adjustments, here's my current list.

    HQ: Broodlord (EC, FT) - 233
    - Genestealers (EC) x7

    HQ: Warriors DS+RC (EC,BP,AGI,ES)x3 - 117

    TRP: Termagaunts (EC)x18 - 126

    TRP: Hormagaunts (EC, AGI)X8 - 96

    TRP: Genestealers (EC, FT)X8 - 168

    HS: Chimerafex BS+ST (BP,BE,EC,AGI,AGWS,RC,SB ) - 196

    HS: Zoanthrope (WB/SYN) - 65

    Total: 1002

    I've learned the hard way that extended carapace is useless for gaunts (all my opponents have S4 AP5 weapons) so as soon as I get my hands on another Zoanthrope I plan to shimmy that in instead. I'm going for a primarily CC list with some firepower backup, other than the listed models I've got rippers, spore mines and a Lictor.

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    I very much agree, EC on Gaunts is next to useless, very much got for that other Zoanthrope instead.

    You are sinking a LOT of points into that fex in such a low points game. I think one of the reasons is that you are trying to split the roles he is going to fulfill. If you were to kit him for just melee or just range you could cut his cost down quite a bit and afford more swarm or possibly another Zoanthrope.

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