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    2000 pts orks friendly vs marines

    OK, here's the dealio, I cant decide between my orks (which I just got from my brother, they roasted on the 3 games I played with them). and my eldar. By the way, that would be his first glimse at eldar should I choose to play it. (I know he likes his land raider but that's all I know)

    here's a link to the eldar list for those who are eldar savvy

    this list uses an entire force org. chart by the way, anyway, here goes


    Warboss: 'uge choppa, TL shoota, 'eavy armor - 75

    Big Mek: Shokk Attack Gun, 'eavy armor, Bosspole - 105


    6 tankbustaz (I have no models with tankhammers yet) - 90

    5 lootas: 1 is a Mekboy w/ kustom megablasta (big mek stands as part of the squad, but at the end as to minimize potential blast damage) - 75

    5 burnas - 75


    4 Meganobz: 2 w/ combi-skorcha, trukk (warboss rides with them and makes them troop choice ) - 205

    Dread: big shoota, rokkit launcha - 90

    19 boyz: sluggas and choppas, stikkbombz, 2 with rokkit launcha's - 153
    1 nob: power klaw and slugga - 41

    19 boyz: sluggas and choppas, stikkbombz, 2 with rokkit launcha's - 153
    1 nob: power klaw and slugga - 41

    19 boyz: shootas, 2 with big shoota's - 134
    1 nob: power klaw and slugga - 41

    19 boyz: shootas, 2 with big shoota's - 134
    1 nob: power klaw and slugga - 41

    Fast Attack

    4 warbikers - 100

    4 warbikers - 100

    8 stormboyz - 96
    nob - 22

    Heavy Support

    Looted Wagon: boomgun, 'ard case, 2 big shoota's - 125

    2 Killa Kans: one w/ Grotzooka, 1 w/ rokkit launcha

    2 Zapp Gunz: 6 grot krew - 66

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    The main problem with this list is the size of the respective units. That, and the warboss really needs a bosspole. I can see why you opted for the uge choppa over the powerklaw (you already have many powerklaws in the unit), but without a bosspole only a single casualty will very possibly send the whole unit running. I'd never use a unit of nobz without one, and since they're meganobz, it has to go on the warboss.

    The warbike units and lootas are too small. Only one casualty and they'll be running. I'd use the warbikes in units of at least 5-6, and I'd always give them a nob with a powerklaw and bosspole. I wouldn't use any less than 9 lootas personally, using meks to get the model count up if you need to (you could also convert the burnas). I've seen some people use as little as 7, but 5 just seems far too low.

    The burnas and tankbustas have virtually no chance of being effective unless they have transports, especially the burnas. I can't think of a single circumstance where an enemy unit would willingly come within range of the burnas, and even if they did, the enemy would get to fire first, very possibly with rapid fire, and that'd be the end of the burnas. I'd choose between the two units and then put them in the looted wagon (you'd have to remove the boomgun). I'd also make a tankbusta a nob with a bosspole, to give the unit more survivability.

    Stikkbombs get expensive in basic units of boyz. I'd remove them and use the points to make their units larger.

    The unit of stormboyz isn't nearly large enough to survive. I wouldn't use any less than 13, and most people use 15-20. Also, the nob needs a powerklaw and bosspole, or they'll have a lot of trouble.

    Never mix weapon types in the same unit. Either give both killa kans grotzookas or rokkits, although personally, I'd use kustom mega blastas, but that's just my preference.

    If you want to use smaller units, you certainly can, but at the very least you need to give all the units bosspoles (if they can take them), and the tankbustas/burnas both really need transports in order to be effective, not only to protect them, but also to get them within effective range.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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