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    aard boyz finals

    ok so i made it to the finals and i think i want to bring my orks, played chaos for the first two rounds for 1st and 2nd but wanted to know what you all thought of this list,

    mad doc

    warboss, bike, pk, cybork body

    x10 nob bikers, painboy, grot orderly, cybork bodies, x3 pk, waagh banner, bosspole

    x30 aard boyz, slugga/choppa, nob, pk, bosspole
    -340 (mad doc attaches here for extra killy and survivability)

    x30 shoota boyz, x3 big shootas, nob, pk, bosspole

    x30 shoota boyz, x3 big shootas,nob, pk, bosspole

    x30 grechin, x3 runtherders

    x15 lootas

    x15 lootas

    x13 lootas

    total 2500
    model count- 178
    kill pts-17

    grots eather cover the entire board giving 4+ to everyone or sit and surround all the loota squads to give them a 4+, or just sit them on an objective in the back.


    Chaos W/D/L 48/12/18 almost retired
    Orks W/D/L 13/0/0 Still going strong
    Space Marins in the making (Salamanders)

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    God speed

    If this were casual play, I would say that you were really overspending on the nob bikers and have way too many lootas in the list.

    On the other hand, this is 'ard boyz, so going a little overkill might not be that bad. Still, you could probably stand to cut 1-2 nobz out of the unit of nob bikers, and also the unit of 13 lootas. Also, although the Mad Doc is fun, I think you'd have more luck using a big mek with a kustom force field instead. Giving all the units a 5+ cover save is better than giving a single unit feel no pain.

    With the points saved from the cuts, I'd add two units of trukkboyz with 12 sluggas, nob, powerklaw, bosspole and ram in each. Or, you could add one unit of trukkboyz and a unit of 9-15 kommandos, with 2 burnas and either a nob with a powerklaw and bosspole, or Snikkrot. The reason for the trukks/kommandos is because the list needs a little more speed, and you need to be able to get at the enemy's back lines more easily.

    During the first round of 'ard boyz, the 'Dawn of War' missions really impaired my lootas. They were still nice, but they were difficult to rely upon. I really think trukkboyz or kommandos would serve you better than a third unit of lootas.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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