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    New to 40k, need suggestions to expand my current army

    I'm brand new to 40k and have decided to play Tau, and have been slowly been gaining an army through the magical place that is Ebay

    I have enough for a small army, but I'd appreciate any suggestions on what to get to expand my army

    So far I have

    1 Devilfish
    1 Crisis Suit
    3 Stealth suits
    12 Kroot
    28(I think, something like that) fire warriors
    1 Hammerhead tank
    ~20 Gun drones

    I purchased the army in groups of a Battleforce, 16 pre-assembled fire warriors, a box of gun drones, and a boxed Hammerhead tank.

    So far I plan on getting 1-2 more Crisis suits, some broadsides, and maybe some vespids.

    I also would like suggestions for an HQ.

    Any for of help is greatly appreciated

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    get another crisis suit for your HQ, and make sure they're setup to take down hard stuff- like transports, characters, Marine-equivalent, ect. Stuff like this is what your firewarriors are going to have trouble with, but it's not like landraiders or things like that where your hammerhead is going to be attacking.

    Also, markerlights. These things will help your troops rip up what you want to take down.

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