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    1000pt Tourney Help Please!


    Farseer, Jetbike, Mind War, Singing Spear -108


    6x Harlequins, 4x Kisses, Troupe Master (pw), Shadowseer -174
    6x Fire Dragons, Exarch with DBF, Crack Shot -113


    5x Pathfinders -120
    10x Dire Avengers, Bladestorm, 2x Dual Cats -152
    3x Jetbikes + 1x Warlock w/ Jetbike, Spear, Destructor -124

    Heavy Support

    Falcon, Scatter, Shuriken, Pulse, SS, Holo-fields -185

    24 points left to spend

    Total: 976

    Plan: Falcon, Pathfinders, Dragons provide anto MEQ/TEQ. Dragons also AT as well as jetbike squads spear vs Rear Armour. Jetbikes also have the destructor to roast hoards etc. Dire Avengers for whatever need be. Farseer as harasser unit. Harlequins as kill anything they touch. Thoughts?

    "I did my first model at the age of 7"

    Wow. When I first read that I misinterpreted it. Bad.

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    for anti MEQ perhaps starcannon on the falcon.

    The troupe master isnt really necessary in the quins, a normal kiss armed harlequin might serve you better.

    part of crack shots points is duplictaed by having the flamer...both ignore cover, tho you will be able to re-roll wounds, a firepike might serve you better if your making them anti-tank.

    farseer can only use spear or mindwar per turn, may be worth buying fortune, or guide (could re-roll missed if he lobs the spear at something)

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