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Thread: AOBR 500pts

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    AOBR 500pts

    hey this is my first list and its only using the orks from black reach plus one nob
    here it is

    warboss 85pts
    wpower klaw, cybork body, 'eavy armour

    5 nobz
    w big choppas

    2x 10 boyz
    w big shoots's 1w nob

    w twin linked rokkit launchers

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    Senior Member sir stompalot's Avatar
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    Your points are a bit off on the warboss. its actually 100 pts
    Lets go massacre something

    I am a sexy shoeless god of war!

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    LO Zealot mynameisgrax's Avatar
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    Sir Stompalot is correct (and I like his name ^_^), the warboss should cost 100 points. I would keep him the way he is though. That's the way I always run warbosses.

    Nobz don't last very long on foot. Their armor and leadership isn't any better than a normal boy's, and even with 'eavy armor they'll be shot to pieces. You either need to give them a trukk with a ram, or not use them in the list.

    If you're not going to give them a trukk, then I'd just run them as normal boyz, along with the others, on foot. Normally I wouldn't recommend using anything less than 20 boyz in squads on foot, but in this case there really isn't much of a choice. I'd also use the deffkoptas in units of 5 or 1, when possible. Otherwise, only a single casualty will send them running. It'd add a lot of kill points though, so it's up to you. In any case, I always outflank with deffkoptas, rather than starting them on the field

    I'd also give the nob in every unit of regular boyz a powerklaw and bosspole. Just use some spare bits of plastic to make them. The more 'scappy' it looks, the better.

    Here's how I'd play the list:

    Warboss w/powerklaw, combi-scorcha, cybork, 'eavy armor, attack squig [120]

    13 slugga boyz w/nob, 'eavy armor for nob, big shoota, powerklaw, bosspole [128]

    12 slugga boyz w/nob, 'eavy armor for nob, powerklaw, bosspole [117] (attach warboss here)

    Deffkopta w/rokkits [45]

    Deffkopta w/rokkits [45]

    Deffkopta w/rokkits [45]

    Again, you could also use the deffkoptas all in one unit.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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