Hello guys, Im new to the site, and Love Tyranids.

I have only played 2 5th edition games, one loss vs. multiple tournament winning orks, and one victory against blood angels. Both games were a roughly 1500 Pts. I have a whole ton of points worth of models. Although I do not have a second Tyrant yet, nor do I have wings for my current one.

I'd like to get some opinions on my lists, any contructive ideas are appreciated!

Tyrant - 150 Pts. W/ 2X TL devs, Carapace, T. Sacs, Enhanced senses, Flesh hooks, Synapse, Horror.

3 Guards - 138 Pts. W/ Flesh hooks, Talons, Rending.

5 Deathspitter warriors - 168 pts. W/ deathspitters and talons.

30 Fleshborers Gaunts - 180 pts.

28 Spine gaunts - 224 pts. W/ Without Number

8 Stealers - 168 Pts. W/ Tendrils and Talons

Devilfex - 113 pts. W/ Enhanced senses, 2X TL Devs.

3 Zoans - 210 pts. W/ Blast, Field, Synapse, Catalyst.

Sniperfex - 188 Pts. W/ BS, VC, Senses, Carapace, Chitin.

Thats 1501 Pts.

I would add.

Lictor - 80 Pts.

Another Devilfex (A little toughened up) - 158 Pts. W/ Enhanced senses, 2X TL devs, Chitin, Carapace, Spine Banks.

20 Hormagaunts - 240 Pts. W/ T. Sacs.

Also I would add Sacs and Carapace to my warriors, and swap out talons for scuttlers on my genestealers.

These additions will add up to 2001 pts.

Comments Please!