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Thread: New To Nids

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    1500 New To Nids

    Hi guys I have played 40k on and foof for years but i have always been a spacemarine man, fancyed something totally differnt so i have opted for some nids, i jumped sttreight in and baught some to paint and am now looking at making an efective army list of 1500pts below is what i have come up with, to be honest the number of option is quite duanting so any advice would be gratly apriciated.

    1500 Pts - Tyranids Roster - Lees Bugs
    HQ: Hive Tyrant (1#, 192 Pts)
    1 Hive Tyrant @ 192 Pts
    Enhanced Senses +1 BS; Toxin Sacs +1 St; Twin-linked Deathspitter (x1); Venom Cannon; Synapse Creature; The Horror; Warp Field
    Heavy Support: Zoanthrope (2#, 110 Pts)
    2 Zoanthrope @ 110 Pts
    Toxic Miasma; Warp Blast; Warp Field
    Heavy Support: Carnifex (1#, 128 Pts)
    1 Carnifex @ 128 Pts
    Enhanced Senses +1 BS; Barbed Strangler; Twin-linked Deathspitter (x1)
    HQ: Broodlord (11#, 250 Pts)
    1 Broodlord @ 250 Pts
    Extended Carapace +1 Save; Toxin Sacs +1 St; Rending Claws; Scything Talons; Synapse Creature
    10 Genestealers @ [160] Pts
    Rending Claws
    Elite: Warriors (3#, 81 Pts)
    3 Warriors @ 81 Pts
    Extended Carapace +1 Save; Rending Claws (x1); Fleshborer; Synapse Creature
    Heavy Support: Carnifex (1#, 152 Pts)
    1 Carnifex @ 152 Pts
    Acid Maw; Adrenal Glands +1 WS; Toxic Miasma; Toxin Sacs +1 St; Tusked; Crushing Claws; Scything Talons (x1)
    Troops: Genestealers (10#, 190 Pts)
    10 Genestealers @ 190 Pts
    Scuttlers; Rending Claws
    Troops: Hormagaunts (18#, 198 Pts)
    18 Hormagaunts @ 198 Pts
    Adrenal Glands +1 WS; Scything Talons
    Troops: Gaunt Brood (18#, 108 Pts)
    18 Gaunt Brood @ 108 Pts
    Troops: Gaunt Brood (18#, 90 Pts)
    18 Gaunt Brood @ 90 Pts
    Total Roster Cost: 1499

    The idea is for the Broodlord and both lots of steelers to get into the enemy, while all the gaunts head for objectives lead by the warriros 1 carnafix is for taking out tanks and will be with the gaunts, the other carnafix , the zoanthropes and the tyrant will dish out the suppoting fire ?



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    Oct 2008
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    Has anyone got any ideas, im ready to make some purchases but dont want to get it wrong, any advice would be great thanks

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