Hey everybody, I've been sticking with High Elves in fantasy for a while but now have decided to go back to Eldar after about 8 years of absence! My models are ollllld but funnily enough it seems my warp spider and vyper models are up-to-date still, what's up with that? lol. ANYWAY, i want to create a dynamic and competitive list that at least uses these spiders. I have come up with a few but this one is among my favorites. It's only on paper now but i'd love to hear what you guys think of it so i can get the ball rolling so i can assemble and paint these suckers. here goes!
1x Farseer 170
Spirit Stones, Doom, Fortune, Runes of witnessing, Jetbike

1x Autarch 120
Warp Jump Generator, Fusion Gun, Mandiblasters, Scorpion chainsword

8x Rangers 192

10x Rangers 240

10x Striking Scorpions 212
Exarch, Scorpion's Bite, Stalker, Shadowstrike

9x Warp Spiders 164
Exarch, Exarch Deathspinner, Withdraw

3x Vyper Squadron 195
Eldar Missle Launcher

5x Dark Reapers 207
Exarch, Fast Shot
Going down the list...
*Farseer is equipped to support the vypers with guide/fortune.

*Autarch is equipped for mobility, good short range shooting to match the spiders and add to the hit-and-run fashion of the spider unit. being with the spider unit makes him relatively safe from the warp consumption as the others will be taken before him.

*The rangers are set up as part of 2 deployment teams:

first team is 8 pathfinders infiltrated on an objective or within (their) shooting range of one
10 scorpions infiltrated next to them.
When opponent sees rangers they think "assault/template" to which the scorpoins say "no/no". The enemy has to survive the ranger's shots as they approach, then chew through the scorpions to do what they were sent to do. By then support is close enough to lend further assistance.

Second team is 10 rangers camped out on the "home" objective. reapers stand next to them. They stand there and punish anything that is foolish enough to come into range. That is a lot of heavy shots. They also make good bait for those drop-pods and outflankers.

*striking scorpions were chosen for their superior close combat capabilities. they can take out hordes of enemies like no other. nothing is getting close to the rangers!

*warp spiders were among my favorite units so many years ago and even with the 5th edition rules, they are among my favorite still. mobility+firepower, especially with the autarch.

*Vypers are equipped with EML's to punch holes through stuff. i've seen these things zip down the battlefield fast enough to expose side/rear armor of vehicles and place their guided shots right in their faces.

*Dark reapers.....walking missles plz!

Tell me what you think of this one and i'll see if i can post my next one down here soon. thanks in advanced!