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    WIP Army List (it's just screaming for constructive criticisms)

    Good day everyone, I'm a very new player in the warhammer 40k Universe (I started by buying the 5th Ed. rule book a few days after it came out) and I have finally made it past the hardest part of starting an army.

    I have really come to apreciate the eldar in the past week or two and I would reallly love to get some advice on my utterly flawed (and beautyfully so) army list. I am heading for a 1000 point core army, which I will later use to build upon with 500 point attachments.

    Nuff said, Here is the list:

    Farseer with Doom, Guide and all the wargear options except the jetbike.

    Dire Avenger Squad
    Squad of 10 Exarch gatting the second catapult and both his powers (this is the squad that the farseer will be joining)

    Dire Avenger Squad
    Same as above but without Defend.

    Howling Banshees
    10 Banshees Exarch gets the mirrorswords and both abilities.

    Each squad gets their own Waveserpent upgraded with Twinlinked Shuriken Cannons

    My biggest problem I think is that my army has a complete lack of anti tank weapons.

    I might drop 4 Banshees and upgrade their wave serpent to a falcon instead and give it an extra bright lance.

    What are your thoughts on it?

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    In a word, yes, you do lack anti tank. this is easily fixable because a squad of banshees and a squad of firdragons are the same point value (roughly) and easily interchangeable. I happen to be on my way out the door but I thought I'd offer that piece of information before I headed out. I'll see about the rest of your list when I get back.
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