This list is what I'm aiming for in 5th Edition tournaments. It capitalises on the (IMHO) 3 main assets of the DE list, namely:
  1. Ravagers: Moving and shooting with 3 S7 AP2 blast weapons is MADNESS with the new pie plate rules.
  2. Superboats: Über versatile, fast and very shooty. And they're cheap to boot!
  3. Sniper squds: Arguably the best unit in the game to hold your home objective: It is scoring, CHEAP, benefits a lot from cover (5+ save --> 4+ inv save) and supports the main thrust with heavy weapons.
On to the list...

Kabal of the Dark Moon: 1k

Haemonculus [Scissorhand, Destructor, Bike] 80p

The trick up the sleeve. Alway fun to fry a terminator squad (destructor), hold up a unit of gaunts for a couple of turns (T5), or engage (and possibly kill) a unit of devastators in CC!

10 Warriors [2 SCs, 2 Shredders, Raider ("borrowed") w. Horrorfex] 180p
10 Warriors [2 SCs, 2 Shredders, Raider ("borrowed")] 175p
10 Warriors [2 SCs, 2 Shredders, Raider ("borrowed")] 175p

The force's core. Main objective contestors and rapid response units. Can charge units in cover thanks to Horrorfex. Can handle tanks, MEQs and hordes. Anything basically. They're fragile though, so watch out!

Raider squad [5 warriors, 1 DL] 50p
Raider squad [5 warriors, 1 DL] 50p
Raider squad [5 warriors, 1 DL] 50p

The "snipers". These units hold a nearby objective while targeting transports/tanks/monstrous creatures. The new rules for cover saves will keep them relatively safe (as long as they aren't assaulted that is...)

Ravager [3 dissies] 120p
Ravager [3 dissies] 120p

The main muscle. 6 S7 Ap2 plates owns. End of story.

Total weapons: 6 DLs, 6 Dissies, 6 Shredders and 6 SCs =)
Unit count: 45/5 plus HQ

As you might have noticed, the force is somewhat tooled out to beat mechanized MEQ lists, of which I think we'll see a LOT soon due to the current strenght of the Rhino and the LR. The ideal scenario is to pop their transports early with DLs in order to force them to attack piecemeal, and then proceed by blasing the now footslogging marines to oblivion with Dissies and Shredders!