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    What to Add? 2000pts Turny and fun

    I've got a list together after a long absance form my Tau. I've tryed a list like this already and got good results. but after some changed I'm short 150pts. I don't know what to add. Some Ideas are a Skyray, some fire warriors and kroot, or maybe add some drones to diffrent units, or another hammerhead.

    Commander Sun
    -Shas'el, Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Multi Tracker.
    -Shas'vre, Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Targetting Array, Multi Tracker.

    Crisis Team Storm
    -Shas'vre, Plasma Rifle, Missle Pod, Targeting Array, Multi-Tracker.
    -Shas'ui, Twin-Linked Plasma Rifles, Targeting Array.

    Crisis Team Rain
    -Twin-Linked Missle Pods, Flamer.

    Stealth Suit Team Shadow
    -Fusion Blaster, Target Lock.

    Fire Warrior Team Malstrum
    -Shas'ui, Marklight, Target Lock.

    Fire Warrior Team Tempust
    -Shas'ui, Phoron Grenades.
    -Devilfish, Targeting Array, Smart Missle System.

    Kroot Auxilery
    -16 Kroot, 8 Hounds.

    Pathfinder Team Moon
    -Shas'ui, 2 Rail Rifles.
    -Devilfish, Smart Missle System, Sensor Spines.

    Gun Drone Squad
    -8 Gun Drones

    Broadside Team Hammer
    -4 Shield Drones.

    Hammerhead Steel
    -Railgun, Gun Drones.

    Army's used: Space Wolves, Tomb Kings, High Elves, Tyranids, Tau and Eldar.

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    this is a pretty good list but there are some things here that are not very efficient. the fusion blaster and target lock on the stealth squad isn't that great since the fusion blaster wont be hitting half the time and getting close to use it is a real problem. also, how many are in the squad? photon grenades and rail rifles are not worth it and thier point are better spent elsewhere.

    as far as your heavies go, the broassides are pretty solid. just make sure there prottected from assaulters. your hammerhead on the other hand need some upgrades! use burst cannons instead of drones for the extra shots and it almost required to have a multi-tracker and dostruption pods on your tank. they make it so much more effective.
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