This list is rather a "back to basics" for me, as there isn't a super theme and it doesn't really fall into the "odd" category. Very Beil-Tan... -ish I think.

It's kind of a rip from the Bell of Lost Souls "Eldar Riposte" list. Just more tanks. Cause I like tanks =)

1 Autarch @ 120 Pts
Mandiblaster (Mb); S-Hawk Wings (SHW); Power Weapon; Fusion Gun (Fg)

1 Yriel, Prince @ 155 Pts

10 Howling Banshees @ 192 Pts
Banshee Exarch
War Shout (WS); Acrobatic; Executioner (Ex)
Wave Serpent @ [140] Pts
Spirit Stone (SpStn); Star Engines (SE); TL Scatter Laser(TL-SctL)

8 Striking Scorpions @ 180 Pts
Striking Scorpion Exarch
Shadowstrike; Stalker; Scorpion Claw (SClaw)

5 Fire Dragons @ 97 Pts
Fire Dragon Exarch
Crack Shot (CS); Dragon's Breath Flamer

10 Dire Avengers @ 152 Pts
Dire Avenger Exarch
Bladestorm (BS); 2 Avenger SC

10 Dire Avengers @ 152 Pts
Dire Avenger Exarch
Bladestorm (BS); 2 Avenger SC

10 G Defender Squad @ [95] Pts
Weapon Platform
Scatter Laser (SctL)

6 Warp Spiders @ 132 Pts

Fire Prism @ 125 Pts
Spirit Stone (SpStn);

Fire Prism @ 125 Pts
Spirit Stone (SpStn);

Falcon @ 185 Pts
Holo-Field (H-F); Spirit Stone (SpStn); Starcannon (StrCan);

Total Roster Cost: 1850
Total Models: 65

Yriel rides with the Banshees. For the most part, his Eye of Wrath won't come into play, but the guy carries a Power Weapon that wounds on a 2+. Coupled with the Banshee Exarch, I don't see them having trouble in combat.

Scorpions are a flank force Ican use to hit the rear of my opponent or support an assault if needs be. May infiltrate if no tasty units are deployed near the board edges.

The DA's are for running up to take objectives once cleared by Banshees/Scorpions.

Warp Spiders are a small reactionary force that I can drop in where needed.

The guardians are for holding a home base objective. Fire Prisms, of course, are fire support.

As per normal the Fire Dragons ride in the Falcon. They are A-Tank/Termie/MC units.

The second Autarch would probably start on the board and act as a bouncy reactionary unit himself. I hate DSing him cause he always gets killed quick that way. However, he is the bomb against lone tanks or fire support squads =)

The two Autarchs or for making sure I can get my reserves when I want them.

Comments and suggestions always welcome