1500 Friendly Mobilized Eldar vs. Chaos Marines - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Friendly Mobilized Eldar vs. Chaos Marines

    Hey everyone,

    This weekend I a having a battle against my friend I have literally been waiting years to play (he left the country and is now returing). I have a list that I have not play tested yet and would like your opinion on how you think it would fair against a meq list specifically CSM. (Details on his list will be below mine). Here's the list:


    Farseer- Runes of Witnessing/Warding,. spirit stones, Doom, Fortune 155pts.

    Autarch- Jetbike, Mandiblasters, Laser lance, fusion gun 140pts.


    Squadron of 6 jetbikes- w/2 cannons 142pts.

    Squadron of 3 jetbikes- w/1 cannon 76pts.

    10 Dire Avengers- Exarch w/ Shimmershield, powersword, defend, bladestorm 177pts.

    Waveserpent- Twinlinked BL, vectored engines, cannon, spirit stones 165pts.

    Fast Attack

    3 Shining spears- Exarch w/starlance, skilled rider, withdraw 167 pts.

    Vipers- Cannon, EML 85pts.

    Vipers- Cannon, EML 85pts.

    Heavy support

    5 Dark Reapers: Exarch w/crack shot and tempest launcher 217pts.

    1389 pts.

    As you can see it is a fairly mobile list and I think that it will have the stopping power to hurt his higher toughness units. Low troop choices could be my bane as well as a lack of higher volumes of shots. Things I could add to the list guardians, WG, a WL, and various other elites and fast attack, though I don't think I could use any more of those. I don't know how effective it will be to dedicate a farseer soley to the purpose of guiding my dark reapers but we'll see what you think and whether or not the points are better spent elsewhere.

    His list will contain a dreadnought, their spider tank thing (with indirect fire) a special commander with wings, a big squad of mutant guys and very possibly a small squad of terminators. He also has one predator, other than that I don't know what kind of troops he will have.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tikidude 92

    *edit: my mistake on the farseer, removed the stones putting my points at 1389

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    Do I know you?!?!?!?!?

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    You have 3 HQs

    As for the rest of the list its not to bad, would up the shining spears to 5 if you can they really need all the attacks they can get. would drop the stones on the vypers if they get hit they generally blow up for me since they are open topped. Do you have any jetbike warlocks? if so getting one into the 6 man jetbike unit with embolden will help it stick around to help with the possible problem of troops being killed off.

    Lastly be careful with the dark reapers they will be a big target for him as they can shred MEQ. I don't see anything there to baby sit them either. With your speed you could try and use them as bait I guess but thats expensive bait.

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