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    first posted army list 1500

    This is the first time, that I post an armylist i shall give some explanations(sorry for my bad english)


    Warboss: big choppa, kombi shoota/skorcha, 'eavy armour, cybork body, attack squig
    100 pnts.
    the reason I didn't chose for a power klaw is because of the initative would be 1 and that is dangerous with an independent character.

    Weirdboy: warphead
    85 pnts.


    5 Lootas: -
    75 pnts.

    5 Tankbustaz: 1X bomb squig
    80 pnts.
    I want them to ride in the nob trukk (but I don't know, if they can with the Glory Hogs)


    10 Gretichen: 1X runtherd
    40 pnts.
    to hold objectives

    20 Slugga boyz: nob, bosspole, powerklaw
    160 pnts.
    they go in the battlewagon

    20 Shoota boyz: nob, bosspole, powerklaw
    160 pnts.
    they join the weirdboy

    20 Shoota boyz: nob, bosspole, powerklaw
    160 pnts.

    5 Nobs: 'eavy armour, stikkbombz, 1X power klaw, 1X waagh banner, 1X bosspole, trukk, reinforced ram
    210 pnts.
    they go with the warboss

    Fast attack

    3 Warbikers: nob, power klaw
    110 pnts.

    Heavy support

    1 Battlewagon: 'ard case, deffrolla, armour plates, grot riggers
    the wagon must to tankshock and transport

    1 Looted wagon: boomgun, 'ard case, reinforced ram
    120 pnts.

    1 Killa kan: grotzooka, grot riggers, armour plates

    (most) comments are welcome

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    the basics

    Have you checked out the post in the Ork 2008 index (it's on the main page) called 'the basics'? If not, I'd check it out. A few people, including myself, threw it together as a general guide to playing the Orks.

    The tankbustas can't ride with the nobz. You can only have one unit in a vehicle at any given time. Either run the tankbustas in the battlewagon, or don't use them at all. Nobz and tankbustas both need a transport in order to be effective.

    I see your logic with the Warboss, but the problem is, without a powerklaw he just won't be effective. His toughness and wounds will get him to initiative 1, don't worry. On the charge with a big choppa, he'll get 6 attacks at WS 6 and strength 8, which will most likely result in 4 hits and 3 wounds. A powerklaw would result in 4 hits and 3 wounds as well, but the difference is, it would also ignore armor saves. A powerklaw would kill 3 marines, the choppa would only kill 1. Against terminators or a monstrous creature, the powerklaw would cause 2 unsaved wounds, and the big choppa would cause 0. It's a big difference.

    If you aren't going to give him a powerklaw, then I wouldn't use him. He just won't be effective enough to warrant the points. Just use the warp 'ead, or a big mek, and instead of nobz, just use normal trukk boyz.

    5 Lootas aren't enough, use 9. If you don't have the models, just use 3 meks with big shootas, and convert 1 more loota out of parts. They'll die too quickly otherwise.

    Add 2 more gretchin to the unit. With 13 models total, it'll be less likely to panic.

    I'd put special guns, either big shootas or rokkits, in the units of shoota boyz.

    The battlewagon really needs a gun, or else only a single 'weapon destroyed' result will cause it to be immobilized instead. For this reason, every vehicle needs a weapon. I'm not sure if the deffrolla counts as a weapon or an upgrade. I'd re-check the book (I don't have it with me). In any case, you might as well give it a gun, just so it has something to do in the shooting phase.

    The nobz really aren't effective the way they are. You really need 7-8 of them, with 2-3 powerklaws, a painboy, cybork bodies, waugh banner, bosspole and transport. I wouldn't use them any other way, otherwise a unit of trukkboyz (possibly in 'ard boyz armor) would be more cost effective.

    Give the warbikes a bosspole, and when expanding your army, consider adding 2-3 more bikes to the unit. It's fine for now though, as long as it has the bosspole.

    A ram on a looted wagon doesn't make much sense. I only use them on transports. I think a second gun would be better, so the unit will have something to do if the main gun is destroyed.

    Armor plates and grot riggers on the killa kan is overkill. Besides, all armor plates do is allow you to move when stunned. You still can't shoot that turn, so it really isn't important. I only give armor plates to battlewagon transports.

    In any case, good luck!
    Last edited by mynameisgrax; December 5th, 2008 at 22:45. Reason: forgot one thing
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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