2000 point eldar list VS space marines - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 point eldar list VS space marines

    Eldar 2000 points
    HQ: Eldrad Uthran 210p
    10 warlocks one enhance one embolden 270p
    Farseer w/ guide 75p
    Troops: 10 guardians w/ sheiken cannon 85p
    10 guardians w/ sheiken cannon 85p
    10 Dire avengers w/ exarch has power weapon and shimmersheild 147p
    2 Wave serpents have spirit stones and sheiken cannons 220p
    Elites: 10 harlequins +T.M, S.S all have har. Kisses. 266p
    10 howling banshees ex. Has executioner and warshout 187p
    Heavy Support: 5 dark reapers ex. Has crackshot and T.L 217p
    1 wraithlord w/ 1bright lances and wraith sword 140p
    1 wraithlord w/ wraith sword 100p
    TOTAL: 2002p

    please fell free to comment on this list as i feel i need to make adjustments.

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    Eldrad is very nasty but It seems like you could maybe get by with just a fortune, doom spirit stone farseer, with the saved points put a couple of warlocks with the guardian squads give them embolden or conceal to taste. and perhaps a weapon for the wraithlord. also put in an extra enhance and embolden incase you loose one to a wound forced on him from allocation.

    You have two serpents could maybe work on getting a 3rd so you could have the banshees, DAs and the council all in transports.

    Those are the things that stand out when I looked over your list hope I gave you something to think about

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