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    Need some advice on 2 500 pt lists

    Title sums it up: heres list 1
    Farseer w/ Singing Spear + Doom = 83


    Fire Dragon x5 = 80


    10 Dire Avenger, Exarch with Bladestorm Dire Weapon and Shimmershield = 162

    Heavy Support: 5 Dark Reapers = 175
    Total: 500
    Since Im most likely going up against MEQ units this seems fine but if I wanted to go play anything hordish/etc this feels like it would get crushed.

    List 2

    HQ: Farseer w/ Singing spear + Guide = 78


    10 Dire Avenger, Exarch with Bladestorm and 2 Shuri-cats = 152


    Heavy Support: 4 Dark Reapers Exarch with Tempest launcher and crack shot = 182

    Warwalker x2 with twin linked scatter laser = 120

    532 would need to do some major shaving but list 2 feels more balanced to me.

    (Edit LIST 3 I just thought up)
    I like the Reapers and I like the DA's, but im willing to part with the Reapers for a more all comers list

    Farseer with Spear + Doom = 83

    10 Dire Avengers Exarch with Bladestorm and twin Shuri-cats = 152

    5 Striking Scorps Exarch with Claw + Shadowstrike = 127

    10 Guardian Defenders + Starcannon or EML = 105/100
    Total: 467/462 (leaving me with 33/38 points left to put in whatever I want, 4 more guardians or 2 more scorps)

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