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Thread: Revised List

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    Revised List

    Ok, ive had a look at the 'basics' and a few other peoples' lists and Ive come up with this which is 24pts under 1.5k. (maybe use that to get something extra for the vehicle)
    The idea is to have my lootas/mek in cover at the back providing covering fire, with the vehicles on one flank, koptas on the other and the main army central, and then to close for C/C/ as soon as possible with the burnas taking out any elite/HQ units if poss:

    HQ 95
    1 warboss (power klaw, kombi shoota-rokkit launcher, 'eavy armour)

    3 Troops 675
    30 Boyz (3x big shootas, shootas, nob w power klaw & bosspole)
    30 Boyz (3x big shootas, shootas, nob w power klaw & bosspole)
    30 Boyz (3x big shootas, shootas, nob w power klaw & bosspole)

    2 Elites
    8 Lootas & 1 Mek with Kustom Mega-blasta 135
    5 tankbustas 76
    12 burnaboys 180

    2 HS
    Battlewagon w Killkannon (for burnaboys) 100
    Trukk (for tankbustas) 35

    1 FA
    4 deffkoptas (T/L Rokkit) 180
    ** or maybe stick with 3 and then use the pts for something else?**

    as always, any input is greatly welcomed.

    ps i should say, the world and his wife around here play chaos daemons (nurgle and 2 soul grinders), so im looking for my list to be particularly good against that

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    Deff dreads are usefull as the majority of the daemons troops CANNOT HURT IT IN COMBAT...LOL.. Except the soul grinder of course.....

    Deff coptas are good at destroying tanks with flanking / rear shots.. (they can ambush from a different table edge too!!!). But go with three units of 1

    Its good to see the kill-kannon. Since the daemons come down piecemeal and you get the first turn, they will be packed in close to start off. So a direct hit should hit a WHOLE unit!

    Burnas are a good investment to fry Tzeench, Khorne, and Slannesh demons good. Nurgle will be a bit trickier since they have a higher T.

    Here are the weaknesses of each chaos Gods troop choice...

    Tzeench- CRAP in combat!!! but the all come with the equivelant of heavy bolters!!!!

    Khorne- Daemon-speak for "kan openers" solid 2 S5 powerweapon attacks each, BUT T3 with 5+ save...

    Slannesh- High number of attacks but low strength, do have rending but rending has been toned down (as it is now 6s to wound ignore armour), hence they hit on 3+ wound on

    Nurgle- High Toughness, but low number of attacks. Swamp' em

    I played Daemons at a tourny and got ripped apart. (I was SM). They tend to be better against more elite armies, rather than hordes, well thats my take on them anyway... Good luck!!
    Last edited by Gilbertus; December 22nd, 2008 at 12:33.

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