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    i need help with my 1500pt tournment army list

    Hey me and a few friends are haveing a tournament. I have to go against a marine army, chaos army, necron army, dark eldar army, ork army and a deamon army and im only alowed one list and that has to try and take on all of the other armys. Special charicters are alowed witch is very bad for me tau don't have the best of special charicters. Tho i have decided im useing o'shova hes cheap but limites what i can take here is my list so far.

    o'shova ( the only reason i brought o'shova is it's the only power weapon in my army and the only one romotley good in close combat and he works out 2pts cheaper than my comander would have been and they where pritty much the shame but o'shova's just a bit better over all )
    2bodygaurds - 2 twinlinked plasma rifles - 2 shield generators -4 shield drones - 2 tarrgeting arrays

    4x 10 fire warriors 100 shas'ui - marker light


    1 crisis suit - twin liked flamer - drone controller - ( i only have this guy because i need one crisis suit because of o'shova. So i made him as cheap as posible and the only reasion i have a drone controller is because it uses up a hard point and it costs nothing. But he did kill a tank in close combat when we where practising )

    heavy support
    3 broadsides - shas'ver - 3 shield generators - shas'ver upgraded with 3 shield drones - ( As people like to try to nuke my broadsides lol ) target lock - and targeting array

    sniper drones

    hammerhead - smart missile system - disruption pod

    So far it has proved well agains most armys. But im still not sure about it i don't think i can win with the list. Also their is an extra 250pts getting added as the compitition starts. it's a sort of random thing so no one will know what the other people will bring so we can't prepare ourselfs fully. So far the marine players drop pods are distroying me, they block my line of sight and his men rapid fire on me first turn which is not good cause i fail alot of saves. The chao's player can out shot me with heavy weopons and i have trubble with his terminators in close combat. The deamons deep strike half of their army in on the first turn which is not good because blood letters are unstopable in close combat. So if any one has any ideas for a list please say or if you would just make any small changes to the list. We are still practising and i still have a few more weeks before we start.

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    Whoooooooa buddy. I get the feeling you aren't the most veteran of Tau players, as you listed a crisis suit as being a fast attack choice.

    First and foremost, I'd like to ask you to remove individual points costs from your lists. Total values for a unit are fine, but saying XX points for a plasma rifle, or O'Sho'Vah costs XXX points specifically can get Librarium-Online into huge trouble.

    Secondly, though you have posted thrice, I'm not sure if you've gotten the official welcome yet, so welcome to Librarium-Online! I think you'll find that your newly found fellow members are full of useful (though sometimes less-than-useful) advice, and if you spend some time on LO you'll find your skills in army building and tactics to greatly improve (mine certainly have).

    And now, to review your choices:

    2 bodygaurds 2 twinlinked plasma rifles 2 shield generators 4 shield drones 2 tarrgeting arrays

    Firstly, your bodyguards' weaponry is taking up four hard-point slots, and you only have three available. Remember that twin-linked weaponry takes up two slots. You're also spending a lot of points on your bodyguards. In their current (illegal) format, each of them is valued at 125 points; you're essentially taking a crisis suit in the place of a squad of fire warriors. I strongly recommend that you take Crisis suits in your Elites slots, as they are less expensive and more effective per point.

    O'Sho'Vah is indeed the only power weapon available to Tau, however he is hardly points efficient. You could take two Shas'els or three regular crisis suits in his place. Long story short, I would advise that you remove O'Sho'Vah and his bodyguard from your list. If you need something to protect you from close combat, invest in some Kroot squads.

    4x 10 fire warriors +shas'ui +marker light
    It's important to remember that a Fire Warrior squad cannot benefit from the Markerlight that its team leader uses. You'd be better off taking four full squads of Fire Warriors instead.

    fast attack

    1 crisis suit +twin linked flamer +drone controller (I only have this guy because I need one crisis suit because of o'sho'vah. So i made him as cheap as possible and the only reason I have a drone controller is because it uses up a hard point and it costs nothing. But he did kill a tank in close combat when we where practicing )

    A couple things wrong with this one. First off, Crisis suits always take up an Elites slot of your FOC. Secondly, if you take a drone controller on a model, it must have 1-2 drones, you're not allowed to take the drone controller to simply save points.

    3 broadsides +shas'vre +3 shield generators, shas'vre upgraded with 3 shield drones ( As people like to try to nuke my broadsides lol ) +target lock +targeting array
    You really worry a lot about your models getting killed, don't you? I find that often times, instead of giving a unit a lot of upgrades to protect it, it's more effective to take more models. You're spending over 100 points on upgrades on a single unit! That's 9% of your list on upgrades. Also, once again, you've filled too many hard points, your TAs are not hard-wired so you must choose between them and SGs. You cannot take more than two drones on an individual model, meaning that your Shas'vre is overloaded.
    Drop all of the upgrades, give each model a Targeting Array, pop a Broadside up to team leader, give him a hard-wired target-lock, hard-wired drone-controller and two shield drones. This unit will cost 70 points less than the unit you listed, and be much more effective.

    sniper drones
    This unit is fine enough, and I'm guessing you're taking it because you like it. My suggestions are to diversify the drones' firepower, as each rail-rifle shot causes a pinning check if it wounds, and the spotter can be used to mark targets for other units.

    hammerhead +smart missile system +disruption pod
    ...You forgot your primary weapon. You must take either an Ion Cannon or a Railgun on your Hammerhead, and those weapons do cost points. I would recommend taking burst cannons instead of a SMS because you're not going to be using either very much, and Burst Cannons provide you with a greater volume of fire at close range at half the price.

    These suggestions are all very basic, if you could post all of the Tau models that you own I could certainly help you construct a list. I know that it can be troublesome to make armies of larger points values, but help me help you and we can make a deadly fighting force.
    My gaming group's new motto: That army you're using is overpowered because it hurts my guys, codex is broken and needs a rewrite.

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    Just because special characters are allowed doesn't mean you must take one. O'Shovah wouldn't be worth the points even if you knew that you'd be facing Orks all day.

    You can save a ton of points and greatly up your HQ's effectiveness by making it a standard Fireknife setup (Shas'el, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Targetting Array, and a hard-wired Multi-Tracker) at 97 points. That's still an expensive unit, but WAY less than O'Shovah at far greater effectivenes. You actually save enough to get the squad of Kroot ILonginus mentioned, and no armor save can stop Plasma shots. The Bodyguard is also far better used in Elite slots, split up as much as possible. This allows you to split their fire, target as you want without spend points on Target Locks, not worry about Morale, and makes it way easier to get your units behind cover.

    For the suit in your Elite slot, don't waste your points putting a worthless model on the field. It isn't possible to get to Flamer range and get safely out again unless you're jumping over difficult terrain, and a Crisis suit in melee with anything tougher than a couple of Guardsmen might as well not exist o the board. If you REALLY need to save points, you can grab a Deathrain setup (TA, TL Missile Pods) for 53 points and still be brutally accurate and effective.

    If you know for fact that you will be facing hordes of infantry, then Kroot are your best bet (especially if you know there will be jungle terrain). This goes double if you have Kroot Hounds to stick in with them, since nothing but Eldar and special units are going to stike before them. Stick them in cover and pillbox your opponents to whittle them down, and if they come too close you can charge them and watch the carnivores make some fresh carrion.

    Shield generators on the Broadsides tend to be a waste of time, since they should be firing from cover if at all possible. Targetting arrays are cheaper by a good bit and up your accuracy from 75% to 89%. Shield Drones I like, but not many others do (and even I only take 2 unless I KNOW the squadron will be facing massed fire).

    I'm not a fan of the Sniper Drones, but if you must take them then don't take only one squad. The rail rifles are best used scattered throughout your end of the board, making no place truly safe and constantly pinning down forces. Two teams is usually enough to cover most of the board.

    Hammerhead, as stated, needs its primary weapons system. I (along with most of the people on this board) vastly prefer the Railgun due to the fact that it's the only good template weapon the Tau have (along with the Solid Shot option that turns tanks and transports into swiss cheese). Up to you, though, the Ion Cannon isn't all THAT bad, and it's much cheaper.
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