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    1800pts of chaos ladz smashin Goffs

    I was wondering if this is a good army against my friends chaos army.
    He usually uses a vindicator (shudder), obliberator, fabius bile, bikerz, dreadnoughts, and the rest on chaos marines either in rhinos or combat squads.
    We usually play a capture and control or seize ground. and he always just shoots me down then rushs with his rhinod troops and bikerz. and my tactics are to get into close combat!!!

    - PK
    - bosspole
    - cybork body 100pts

    - Warphead 85pts

    9 Lootas 135pts

    8 Kommandoes
    - 2 Burnas
    - Boss Snikrot (new miniature) 195pts


    10 Nobz (Warboss bodyguard)
    - Pain boy
    - Grot Oldery
    - 7 Big Choppas
    - 2 PK
    - bosspole
    - Waaaagh banner 385pts

    20 Boyz
    - Nob
    - PK
    - bosspole 160pts

    20 Gretchinns
    - 2 Rutherds
    - 1 Grot Prod 85pts

    12 Boyz
    - PK
    - bosspole
    - Trukk - boarding plank 112pts

    10 Boyz
    - Nob
    - Pk
    - bosspole 100pts

    15 Boyz
    - NOb
    - Pk
    - bosspole 130pts

    Fast Attack
    3 Deffkoptas
    - 1 Buzzsaw
    - 3 TLR 160pts

    3 bikerz
    - Big Choppa
    - Nob 90pts

    Heavy Suppourt
    Killa Kan
    - Rokkit Launcha
    - Extra Armor 60pts


    Also my kommandoes are kept in reserve and try to take out the marines staying at the back. (Snikrots rule ambush)

    The new ork miniatures are out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Your basic problem is that you don't have enough fire support against a shooty list like you describe him as having.

    Drop the weirdboy, he's just too unreliable if you're actually playing competitively. I only use him for extra orky wackiness in larger games.

    The lootas need to be strengthened, massively so. Get two units of 15 each, and make three in each mob meks with big shootas. Such units have massive anti-infantry and light vehicles firepower, and are quite tough to boot. Attach a Big Mek with boss pole and Shokk Attack Gun to one of them for supa-killa firepower. SAG are designed for MEQ killing.

    Foot mobs should be shoota boyz and 20 strong. Trukk mobs are useful as a way of rushing over and countercharging to aid the footsloggers. Bear in mind that orks hit a heck of a lot harder when they get the charge. Trukks need almost nothing fitted to them, except maybe a reinforced ram so they can move around easier. All ork mobs, including trukkers, should be given as many big shootas as they can have. These are invaluable for whittling away at an enemy and keeping the boyz useful while the enemy is not within charge range.

    The nobz and warboss could do with at least a trukk to ride around in. Drop all the big choppas, they are completely useless. Slugga and choppa is cheaper and statistically speaking the extra attack inflicts more casualties than the higher strength. Use the points to increase the number of power klaws.

    The odd bits at the end of your list are useless. Deffkoptas are fun but ineffective, 3 bikers or a lone KK won't do bowb. Spend all the points on lootas. I'm doubtful on the kommandos as well. Give them a very specific task to take out a vital lynch pin of the enemy, like the vindi, bile or the oblits, then expect them to die. If this tactic is not viable then drop them and spend the points elsewhere.

    Don't be in any hurry to engage in assault, especially don't rush the trukks out. They are fast but fragile, so they easily afford to spend a few turns lurking behind cover out of sight. The orks they carry need just one good charge to do their job.

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    You haven't got enough boyz. Squads of boyz shouldn't be under 11 (for the fearless mob rule) in any situation, and if they;re not in a trukk, have more- you can have up to 30 boys- that is near impossible to wipe out, and when it hits CC it doesn't die. So, make a few units of 30 boys- run them across the battlefield. Get rid of the Wierdboy, and replace him with a Big Mek with either Shock attack gun, for some added firepower- and hilarity, or a Kustom Forcefield to give some of your boys better cover saves from his blast templates.

    The fast attack can go IMO, 3 deffkoptas haven't got enough survivability, and will go to far forward, away from your front lines. I personally think with Orks you need to stick with one type of army- speed, or footslogging, or shooting based etc- too hard to mix- esp as orks are mainly CC. So I'd personally think about what kind of army I want, and max out those units.

    Give the Nobs a Battlewagon, or trukk to get the front lines faster- they're kinda the key to success often. They can easily take out the main problem areas like vindicator and special characters in a round of combat. So get them there fast. Also, give them cybork bodies to up their survivability. Esp for the Vindicator, you don't want those nasty instant kills to happen.

    The killer khan, on its own probably isn't worth it- you could do with a few more. Add more, or drop him. (I use two or three, esp for CC- they are awesome)

    A few tweaks, like maxing out your boyz squads and you'll overrun him every time. Just move, run, move run, etc etc. You'll nearly always get a cover save if you take the Kustom force field, for some of your boys, and if you always move then run, forget about shooting with the boys, then you'll be in assault no time, and the range of the vindicator will only allow for him to shoot you for two turns. Then assault that, its got a pretty naff back armour.

    Sorry this was really convoluted.

    Good luck with it,

    SM: W/D/L 12/7/4 CSM: W/D/L 14/0/1
    Guard: W/D/L 10/2/3 Orks: W/D/L 5/0/1
    Nurlge Daemons W/D/L 4/1/0

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