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    160 point kill team list please help

    hi i know this isnt an official army list but the shop i go to is doing a 160 point "kill-team" battle soon. the objective is to assasinate someone. this is the list i think would be effective.( no person w/ 40 or more points of wargear is allowed, more than one wound in his profile, or with a 8+ strength weapon. please comment or give advice.

    1 reaper exarch W/ crack shot and tempest launcher 77p

    3 rangers and 1 pathfinder 81p

    Total: 161p

    PS: you can mix sqauds together and you can ignore minimum sqaud size reqirements

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    Not bad, never played kill team myself, noticed that all your men have heavy weapons is that going to be a problem? also what about if you get assaulted? maybe drop a pathfinder for some sort of melee (scorp or banshee would be my preference ). Again never played kill team so my ideas may be way off base.

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    One question, are you going to be playing standard rulebook game types such as kill point and objective based games? Another question is what size board will you be playing on?

    A good point made by nakaruru, that everything you have has heavy weaponry and is very vulnerable to assaults. In my opinion 4 models for 160 pts is not the greatest and in such small games as these the higher power and low AP shots of both of your units will probably not be at full potential. I would also prefer a counter assault unit. But typically a counter assault unit will be very expensive and you could be better off with just keeping your distance or having Guardians. Other armies may consider doing the same! So give yourself some range!

    If you arent playing for kill points and you dont need full unit sizes you could run a handful of 2 man guardian squads with scatter laser platforms for 31 pts per squad or shuriken cannons for 21 pts. That seems like an interesting way to field an army in such a game (just an observation). Also a War Walker with Scatter Lasers or Shuriken Cannons would be a very wise investment in such a small game. War Walkere are legal in Combat Patrol games as their AV sum is less than 33, they are also very cheap. Every point you spend in such a small game could determine a win or a loss, really try and consider all the possibilities an opponent could present to your army and try and work your way around it. I would really take into account pts cost of units. Generally, the cheaper the better!

    My favoured unit here would be Guardians no matter what. They can hold their own in assaults with their Shuriken Catapults and heavy weapons. I would try to get them in there above anything else.

    I hope that helps! Good luck!
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