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Thread: Mech Tau, 1750

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    Mech Tau, 1750

    Mech Tau has always been my dream, so let me know effective you think this list would be. I intend to use the Firewarrior squads agressively, so hense the Flashette dischargers.

    Shas'el, Fusion Blaster, Plasma Gun, HWMT, TA - deepstrikes for a 'target of opportunity' 97pts

    2 x Squads of 12 FW, Shas'ui. Take DF from Pathfinders -160pts

    2 x Squads of 12 FW, Shas'ue, Bonding Knife, - 500pts
    Devilfish, MT, DP, FD.

    Fast Attack:
    2 x Squads of 6 Pathfinders - 394pts
    Devilfish, MT, DP, FD.

    Heavy Support:
    3 x Hammerheads, MT, DP, Burst Cannons. - 495pts


    Rip'er up!

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    Por'vre T'olku Shien
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    Ah, the Fish of Fury. I have one real problem with your list, and that's MEQ units. Of your list, only the Railheads (at least, I'm assuming they're Railheads, since you didn't actually say what the main armament was) and your Shas'el have the means to deny them saves. In order to reliably kill a squad, you'll have to ding it with a few Markerlight hits and pour a ton of fire into them.
    Particularly high-toughness monstrous creatures will give you a lot of problems as well, since you again only have a few weapons that will do anything to them. Notable here are fully-upgraded Carnifexes or Hive Tyrants (you can probably tell that I lost to a Nidzilla list recently).

    On a tactics note, be sure to mark which Hammerheads initially belonged to the Pathfinders. since you plan on Deep Striking, their special rule will be incredibly handy. In addition, what will you be doing with the Pathfinders themselves? Infiltrate (Scout move yay!) or Outflank are both good options but I'd like to know what you think of them doing.

    Given all this, I do like the list as a whole. It'll be incredibly painful for most people to have to face, especially if you normally go against IG, Swarm Tyrranid, and large-mob Ork setups. It'll likely be strongest in Control Territory deployments, since each of those squads could sit on one of the nodes and cover an incredible area with their firepower.

    The only thing I would change in the list is to drop one of the Hammerheads for a pair of Broadside suits (with A'S'S), and use the 5 points that got freed up to drop a Blacksun Filter on one of your remaining Hammerheads. This will allow slightly more accurate (and more) shots from the Heavy section, and allow the vehicles to drop templates if needed while retaining some muscle for the hard targets.
    I'm also not THAT big a fan of flechette dischargers, since your list is already strong against the armies that would be useful against, but no biggie there. Many here will also mention that Bonding Knives tend to be a waste of points, though I disagree with them. If you go that route and drop them, you have 30 points that can be used elsewhere (since you could then downgrade the Shas'ui models back to Shas'la)
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