1500pt 3 way battle - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pt 3 way battle

    Hi everyone!

    Me and two friends haven't played a battle in a while and are going to have a three way broken alliance game from the 40k book before people fly home for xmas. The game is this thursday night and my opponents are eldar and IG. Im not sure what kind of lists they will have and i shouldn't know either really. more fun that way!

    Its 1500pts and this is our first game over 1000pts. I have a basic list but would appreciate advice from tau experts

    Plasma rifle
    Missile pod
    Target array
    HW multi tracker 97pts

    Shas'vre bodyguard
    plasma rifle
    Missile pod
    target array
    HW multi tracker 82pts

    XV8 deathrain x 2
    TL missile pod
    target array (might change to flamer) 106pts

    stealth team x 4
    + Team leader
    Bond knife
    HW drone controller
    2 x marker drone 220pts

    firewarrior x 9
    + shal'la
    bonding knife 115pts

    firewarrior x 9
    + shal'la
    bonding knife 115pts

    firewarrior x 9
    + shal'la
    bonding knife 115pts

    fast attack
    Pathfinder x7
    2 x rail rifle
    + shas'la
    bonding knife
    Disruption pod
    Flechette launcher
    Decoy launcher 231pts

    Fusion blaster
    target array
    disruption pod 80pts

    Fusion blaster
    target array
    disruption pod 80pts

    Heavy support

    Smart missile system (I bought the model 2nd hand and it was glued on already)
    Multi tracker
    Disruption pod 175pts

    Sniper drone team 80pts

    Total: 1496pts

    Im fully expecting to lose my HQ unit in first turn of the game if i dont go first. either by autarch or command squad equiped with power weapons. Obviously the other two are gonna be fighting amongst themselves also.

    The devilfish will be loaded with a FW unit and used to grab an objective once ive thinned numbers down and im looking forward to getting at least one submunition round on to an IG/eldar close combat!

    Basically im planning to use my more mobile elements to tie up eldar attackers and hope that my two other FW teams, sniper and pathfinders can halt any IG (backed up by hammerhead for anti vehicle). The stealth team are going to deepstrike in behind any ranger/reaper teams in cover and try to be a nuisance.

    Ive gone with a fully tau army mainly due to the fact that my vespids are still in the box and my 2 kroot units still on sprues, game is thursday (its now monday night). i plan on getting the kroot up and painted over xmas for our games in the new year.

    I'd appreciate any advice as im still kind of newly back to 40k after a break of 15 years! Thanks people...

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