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    1200pt arcanacon(au) list

    hey all. i'm thinking of entering my nids instead of my DE for arcanacon early next year.
    this is the list i wrote up for it today. what do you's think?

    121pts- hive tyrant, enhanced senses, 2x twin linked devourers, toxin sacs
    90pts- 2 tyrant guards

    83pts- broodlord, extended carapace, feeler tendrils
    80pts-5 stealers

    140pts-5 warriors, deathspitters, rendering claws
    80pts- lictor

    70pts-14 spine gaunts
    70pts-14 spine gaunts
    112pts-14 spine gaunts, WoN
    120pts-12 hormies

    167pts- carnifex, crushing claws, scything talons, adrenal glands, regenerate, reinforced chitin
    65pts- zoanthrope, warp blast, synapse


    Dark Eldar: 9/1/2 Winning streak: 6
    Tyranids: 16/3/4 Winning Streak: 8
    inquisition:4/0/3 Winning streak:0

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    Hive Tyrant & Co.: I like the setup and it is certainly behind a good meat shield. Though you might want to crunch some numbers to see if the Senses and/or the Sacs really will make up for their points in kills. At least against your average Joe Spacemarine (using statistical averages, rounding down for you and up for your opponent, and taking re-rolls into consideration):

    Base: 12 shots -> 9 hits -> 6 wounds -> 2 kills
    +Senses: 12 shots -> 10 hits -> 7 wounds -> 2 kills
    +Sacs: 12 shots -> 10 hits -> 8 wounds -> 2, maybe 3 kills

    Are all those extra points worth it for a statistically average one more dead Space Marine?

    Broodlord & Retinue: May as well throw Flesh Hooks on the Broodlord as well. I personally love to give him 11 other friends to play with all with Extended Carapace. That's a really menacing, non-auto-killed-by-bolter sight to see coming in from over a hill or on your flank!

    Warriors: I don't play them so I don't have a strong conviction on what they "should" have, but as they can't save against bolters give them Extended Carapace. Aside from that keep the Deathspitters as they seem to be popular and drop your Rending Claws for Scything Talons. An extra attack in CC with them is a lot more solid than MAYBE rolling a 6 on what attacks you did have (and that actually hit).

    Lictor: I have some that I've been waiting to run, just not the right chance to do so. In any case I imagine you essentially want to have them pop out of cover and grant Feeder Tendril's ability to whatever is in CC nearby? Just remember that it is a somewhat squishy 80 points worth of model that could have bought 5 vanilla Genestealers or 16 Spinegaunts. That's a lot more wounds and attacks to field than what the Lictor offers alone! Good luck with him if you use him because they really are great models and I'm itching for an efficient way to make them worth their points!

    Hormagaunts: It's just my opinion but why pay twice as much for a unit that dies just as easily and almost has the same targeting priority from your enemy as a Spinegaunt? If you really want to gum someone up, buy twice as many Spines and Fleet into a charge and watch those squads of lascannon operators, plasma pistols, and other nasty guns have to wade through a ton of bodies to shoot again while your big guys keep stomping closer and closer!

    Spinegaunts: The best troop in the game? That or an Ork Boy, but we're not here to talk about those vegetables, this is all about the animals! Lay these guys out thick to give cover saves all day long for your bigger bugs and still have guys left over to hold every square inch of the board. Just think of them as both another wound AND 4+ cover save (from even the hurty guns like lascannons) bought on the cheap for your Carnifex, Tyrant, etc. I wish they made a Box-O-Spinegaunts because the more the merrier!

    Carnifex: Odds are any player you are going against (and I'll use Marines as the foil again) will shoot at you with the hard stuff and pour it all on to try and juice a bug a turn. In this case your chitin and regeneration are pretty useless and you can use those points for other things. Crushing Claws is a see-saw, hem-haw biomorph in my opinion. Yeah it can be great, but a CCFex is usually targeted first and all those points went to waste when on turn 1 or 2 it's a smoldering lump of plasma and flesh (that and Power Weapons hurt big time). I'd free up the points by sticking on some more Talons and maybe give it Toxic Miasma to help even the WS score. Anything you can do to keep Power Weapons away from you is nice!

    Zoanthrope: Good, solid and tried/tested build with the two powers. Just one seems kinda "meh", I'd run at least two or three. If you need to find the points to do so, sacrifice your Warriors in my opinion. Keep them behind cover, Gaunts, or something though because those big, juicy heads are an excellent target for las/melta/plasma fire that can chew through its armor and...well let's just say rolling a 6 doesn't happen as often as we'd like. Best to keep them in a 4+ cover situation.
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