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    1,850 first nid list ever!

    As I indicated in the main thread, I'm becoming more curious than I thought I'd be about nids. Here's a 1,850 point list I've put together. Comments are welcome. Even if you think the list is perfect, what potential problems would you see in running a list like this?


    Hive Tyrant with wings, two barbed stranglers, toxin sacs, enhanced senses, extended carapace, warp blast -- 222 points

    Broodlord with extended carapace, feeder tendrils -- 83 points
    Attached 8-model genestealer retinue with extended carapace and scything talons -- 192

    TOTAL HQ: 497


    Lictor, 80 points

    Carnifex with two sets of scything talons, adrenal glands (WS), flesh hooks, toxic miasma -- 114 points



    8 Genestealers with extended carapace, scything talons, scuttlers, feeder tendrils -- 224 points

    8 Genestealers with extended carapace, scything talons, scuttlers, feeder tendrils -- 224 points

    16 Termagants with fleshborers -- 96 points

    16 Termagants with fleshborers -- 96 points


    Fast Attack:

    Ravener with double scything talons, deathspitter -- 44 points


    Heavy Support:

    Zoanthrope with synapse creature, warp blast -- 65 points

    Zoanthrope with synapse creature, warp blast -- 65 points

    Carnifex with venom cannon, barbed strangler, enhanced senses, reinforced chitin, adrenal glands (WS), mace tail -- 172 points

    Carnifex with venom cannon, barbed strangler, enhanced senses, reinforced chitin, adrenal glands (WS), mace tail -- 172 points


    ARMY TOTAL: 1,849

    So basically two squads of gaunts running with a huge cc 'fex backing it up. The ravener, lictor, and genestealers will try to flank/infiltrate to hit from unexpected directions. The zoanthropes and sniperfexes will stun/kill vehicles.

    What do you think?

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    Here's a few things that may help you out!

    Hive Tyrant: If you want to squeeze out the most kills per point invested I'd suggest doing either a 2x Twin-linked Devourer setup or if you prefer CC, 2x Scything Talon. Wings keep, scrap everything else (or if you don't want him to fly buy a few Tyrant Guard). If you are going CC you may want to also look into a few upgrades like Toxic Miasma, but fill in the rest of your army first.

    Broodlord & Co.: Add on Flesh Hooks if you can and you're golden. As for his retinue, drop the talons but keep the carapace, and see if you can't bump it up to its max of 11 units. Even without the Talons, that's a scary number of bugs, and with them, attacks that can rend!

    Lictor (& Ravener): I've always wanted to run these guys competitively but just can't find a reason to because there's better role-fillers for less points. It simply comes down to the fact that these two are around 160 points...and that's 10 vanilla Genies which are awesome by their own right. Two units with a small number of wounds and attacks or 10 units with many wounds and attacks? Plus they will be on the board already meaning that your opponent has to split his fire up that much more instead of worrying about somewhat squishy units coming in a turn or so later. I really want to run these guys, like I said, but generally speaking they'll make your army more spread out, less in number, and probably won't make up for themselves point-wise.

    Zoanthropes: You can take up to 3 as 1 Heavy Support choice that you don't have to deploy next to each other so do it that way. Stick to the Synapse/Blast setup you have and you're A-OK!

    Gaunts: Honestly these guys are just bought to give your bigger bugs cover saves and hold board quarters, objectives, etc. Make 'em cheapo Spinegaunts and let 'em do their job of taking hits and laying low on strategic points.

    Genestealers: Vanilla 'Stealers aren't that bad, but if you were to give them an upgrade you may as well give them Extended Carapace so they can survive bolter fire. Scuttlers is iffy, but generally they die too quickly anyway to make use of that or Scything Talons. If you were to do anything tricky, run a few Lictors and have them meet up with your Genestealers in the middle of the board and give them the benefits of their Feeder Tendrils without purchasing them per Genestealer unit.

    Carnifexes: This is going to sound cliche but bear with me. While your Sniperfexes aren't terrible, you'd probably be best served running rather vanilla Dakkafexes or Boomfexes (as 'Strangers can pen armor, 'Cannons can't). Make them cheap and plentiful in your army with one main goal to perform, especially because you can take the cheap ones as Elites in games over 1500 points! The CCfex you presented isn't bad for drawing fire, though and don't be shy to flip a tank with a Boomfex as it will usually get 3 auto-hits at massive strength all hitting rear armor!

    Summary: Shield your big bugs with smaller ones for cover and (essentially) extra wounds. Keep your army cheap and plentiful. Tyranids perform better in quantity over quality, bodies over bullets. You should at least outnumber your opponent 2-to-1 if not 3-to-1. With all the troop choices at their cheap cost you should be able to take quaters and objectives while giving enemy units a headache with as much shooting as they'll have to do to even dent your forces.

    Good luck to you, I hope this helped some!
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