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    1535 points of eldar! needs some guidance!

    Hey fellow farseers, im working on an army, or rather, im just asking for some guidance because it has been a while since I’ve seen battle. As I recall this is an hammer and anvil stile fighting force, but again, that name is somewhat vague. Doesn’t that mean you just want to sandwich your enemy? Err seems kinda easy.
    Any ways here we go!
    Farseer-Doom-5 warlocks-3 destructor-Enhance-Embolden (rides in a falcon)
    250 points

    6 fire dragons-Exarch upgrade-Firepike-Tank hunters (rides in a falcon)
    131 points

    10 howling banchees- Exarch upgrade- executioner (rides in the wave serpent)

    Fast attack
    9 warp spiders- Exarch upgrade- 2 spinners- withdraw

    Heavy support
    2 falcons- holofield- spirit stones- star cannon

    5 Dark reapers-exarch- tempest launcher- fast shot
    227 points

    1 wave serpent- spirit stones- tl bright lance

    Totals to 1535

    As I recall, the hammer is the 3 tanks with units in them and the anvil is everything else. The dragons take care of anything you don’t want to close combat. Although its kind hard to loose with a doomseer and 10 power swards and 3 heavy flamers. Any ways. 6 melta guns can never hurt. This list doesn’t have any troops! I know! It was meant to be biel-tan. But here is what I do have extra 9 rangers, 20 guardians, 5 wrath guard and 5 hawks with 1 exarch. Please give me some constructive criticism. Id would love to hear from experience gamers. If I heard from some inexperienced gamers, I might as well just listen to myself talk to a wall and then go with that.
    An ways, thanks for your help. Also, please tell me about the autarch, he seems so cool!!! Kind of like the exarch that everyone wishes they could be! Strength 6 power weapon that always goes first? Seems strong!

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    first thing i'm gonna say is that you have no troops. i would start by taking out the warlocks, a falcon, and the reapers to get either dire avengers or guardians in there. since your list is more mech, i'd go with:

    10 dire avengers- exarch w/ twin catapults, bladestorm- 152 pts
    wave serpent- EML, spirit stones- 130 pts

    this is a solid choice that can drop shoot jump with bladestorm and then snipe tanks with the EML. since you already have fire dragons, take the bright lance off the serpent and put another EML on. the lance is shorter ranged and better for anti landraiders, which is what the dragons are for. i'd also take the fire dragon exarch out for a normal dragon, since they can already turn anything into slag and spending 51 pts for a plus 1 bonus isn't worth it. you can also try giving the farseer guide or fortune and stones and sticking him with the banshees or dire avengers where his powers are most useful.

    redo your list and i'll comment again.

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    yeah, thats really solid advice. the only added advice i would give is having a "home team." with the rules the way they are now, 2 out of 3 games you play will be based on having objectives (annoying, i know), so being able to have a footslogging home team to just sit at an objective is necessary for the objective to remain in your hands. there are a few options here.

    1. mass guardian squad with cheap HW like scatter laser
    2. dire avengers, which many on here feel is a waste of points.
    3. guardian jetbikes. they hide, and last minute move 24 inches to take an objective.
    4. pathfinders. because rooting out pathfinders from cover is never easy.

    yeah, i know those are the four troop choices, but, each one has a different advantage. so, think about what you would like your "home team" to be able to do, and work them into your list somehow, because you need at bare minimum 2 troop choices. you could always add 10 wraithguard and a spiritseer for a MASSIVE amount of points, but i don't think you want 500 points just sittin around doin nuthin for most of the game. and, upgrading your farseer is also recommended. hope this helps a little bit.

    War is my master; Death my mistress.
    Maugan Ra

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