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    New Nid Player List help

    First of, merry xmas and happy new year 2 all

    A while ago, I did post a couple times about getting my Tyranids army up and running, and I finally have it.

    I would just like to ask the question about what ways I could go around equiping my units;

    I have the assualt brood + hive tyrant + brood lord + lictor + 14 stealers + 10 gaunts + 3 warriors

    I don't find weather the army list is small or high in points, I would however like it to be very versatile.

    I would like to mainly focus on CC.

    The armies I would be fighting against would be, SM, Tau, DE, CSM, Crons, Eldar, Orks.

    I was thinking maybe a flyrant with STx2, winged leaping warriors, 2 shooty fexes and 1 cc one, with alot of gaunt and stealer support.
    Please feel free to comment, I would like to hear everyones thoughts + ideas



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    That sounds like a good plan. You should put togehter a list and play a few games. Then get back to us with how it went, and maybe we could give you some advice based on that.

    Other than that there are a lot of posts on the main and army list forum which have asked pretty much the same question. Instead of repeating the same answers ad naseum, I would suggest that you read around the forum and I will bet you will find some good info.

    Good Luck!
    Hive Flee Annoch

    Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box. -Italian Proverb

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