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    1000 Points for Tourney Battle

    Hi Members,
    I'm involved in a campaign tournament taking place over 8 weeks. Today was the first week and I tied my opponent, an Eldar player, with each killing 4 scoring units. Check the DE Battle Reports for the details.

    Anyway, these are the rules for next weeks battle:

    Next week is another 1000 point battle:

    Rules: Troops and HQ start on board. All others (heavy, fast, elite) come in as reserves starting turn 2 (4+), turn 3 (3+) etc.

    Two buildings (objectives that need to be captured) are in the center of the board. After the build is captured the units occupying it gain random stats each turn (+1 A, +1 S, +1 T, etc)

    Here's what my Battle Plan looks like.

    No Elites, Fast or Heavy units for me. All strictly Troops and an HQ for me.

    I'm assuming that my opponent will be bringing some fast/heavy/elite units so I won't have to face his full (1000 points) army right away. But he'll have to face mine. I'll try and demolish the enemy's troop and HQs units in the first 2-3 turns with heavy DE firepower, dig in and then take on the reserves piecemeal.

    Here's what my 1000 points look like

    Archon - Pun, TH, SF, CDs, AV
    Retinue 5 warriors - 2 SPl Can
    2 Incubi
    Raider -Disintegrator, Horrorfex

    3 Raider squads of five - SPL Can , Blaster
    Raiders have DISs
    3 Warrior Squads of 10 - 2 SPl can and 2 Blasters each.

    1. So for heavy firepower that gives me 4 Disintegrators, 11 Splinter Cannons and 9 blasters. That's gonna hurt.
    2. I'm not expecting any enemy weapons with long enough range to hurt my Raiders right away. They should be able get off at least 2 rounds of Disintegrator fire each.
    3. While an Archon and 2 Incubi are my only real CC fighters, I'm not expecting them to face a full strength unit.

    So what do you think?

    Sandy Death

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    Its a good idea to focus on HQ and troops with your house rules in place. However, since you have minimized every squad and maximized anti-infantry heavy weapons, you will probably have problems with the elites and heavy spt when they do come in.

    I would drop every disy in order to get some tank-popping power in there. You would have a lot of problems against a list with a lot of transports, since you have all that firepower and nothing to fire at.

    However if you are tailoring to your opponent, you might know more about how he intends to field his list (if nothing else by model limitations).

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