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Thread: 1700

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    warboss: powerklaw, cybork body, kombi S/S, attack squig 115

    wazzdakka gutmek 180

    5 nobz: eavy armour, 1x waagh banner, 2x power klaw, stikkbombz, bosspole, trukk: reinforced ram 240

    10 shoota boyz: rokkit launcha 70

    19 slugga boyz+nob:power klaw, bosspole 160

    19 slugga boyz+nob:power klaw, bosspole 160

    24 shoota boyz+nob:power klaw, bosspole 190

    1 deffkopta: twinlinked rokkit laucha's 45

    1 deffkopta: twinlinked rokkit laucha's 45

    1 deffkopta: twinlinked rokkit laucha's 45

    1 looted wagon: boomgun, reinforced ram, 'ard case 120

    1 killa kan: grotzooka, grot riggers, armour plates 60

    1 battlewagon: deff rolla, grot riggers, armour plates, 2x big shoota's, 1x zapp gun 150

    total points: 1690
    (10 spare?)

    -battlewagon charges to his main army covered by bikers and trukk at his sides
    -25 shoota's go together with killa kan
    -slugga's charge covered by looted wagons shooting
    -10 shoota's take home objective(or objective near to deploment zone) or use as little fire support
    -deffkopta's, if i go first making scout move, if other go first, outflanking

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    Have you checked out the topic in the Ork 2008 index called 'the basics'? If not, I'd highly recommend giving it a look see. A few people and myself put it together as a general guide to the orks.

    I'd never use anything less than 20 boyz unless they're going in a vehicle. 10 on foot won't last long at all, especially since they don't have a bosspole. A unit of 10-17 grotts and runtherder would be much better, and cost almost half as many points.

    I'd give the warboss 'eavy armor. The combi-scorcha is great, but attack squigs are overpriced, in my opinion.

    What's wazzdakka doing in the list? He doesn't have any bikes to attach to. He'll be shot down 1st or 2nd turn if he doesn't have a unit of bikes along with him. Personally, I don't use him though. I prefer nob bikers.

    The unit of nobz need a painboy and cybork bodies. That's far more important than 'eavy armor, and unless they have both, regular slugga boyz are more cost effective. If you don't have the model, just paint one of them differently, in a white smock or something.

    The looted wagon doesn't need a ram, and I think 'ard cases are overpriced. I'd just give it the boomgun and a second gun, either big shoota or rokkit, so it isn't useless if the main boomgun is destroyed.

    I'm not a fan of zzzap guns on vehicles, as they only hit on 5+. Don't believe the 'zzzap guns auto hit' rule. That's only in the 5th edition rulebook, which also states that codexes take precedent. The codex doesn't say they auto-hit, so they don't. The battlewagon looks fine otherwise.

    I prefer kmbs on killa kans rather than grotzookas, but many people disagree, so it's up to you.

    You're a little high on kill points, but only by a little bit. It's up to you, but I'd probably cut out one of the units of 1 vehicle, perhaps one of the three deffkoptas, or one of the bosses. It's up to you.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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