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    Newbie ork player looking for some advice (armylist)

    Hello I’m a first time Ork player and looking for some general advice. We mostly play 1000pts scenarios.

    1 Warboss - 60pts. PowerClaw - 25pts. - Cyborgbody 5pts. - boss pole 5pts.

    8 Nobz - 160pts. - Cyborgbody 40pts. - Painboy 30pts. - waaagh! banner 15pts. - 2 powerclaws 50pts - stikbombz 8pts.

    8 Tankbustas 120pts.

    20 OrkBoyz with choppas 120pts - stikkbombs 20pts - Nob 10pts. - boss pole 5pts. - power claw 25pts.

    16 OrkBoyz with shootas 96pts - 1 bigshoota 5pts - Nob 10pts - boss pole 5pts.

    1 Truck 35pts. - reinfored ram 5pts. - grotriggers 5pts

    3 deffkoptas 105pts. rookit launcher 30pts.

    2 lobbas 50pts.


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    Heya Bomstaerk, welcome to the collective Ork Waaagh! First things first, Librarium Online ask that we not post points for individual models and upgrades as it could get our beloved forums in trouble with Games Workshop. So when posting an army, just list a units composition and the total point should probably edit your original post to reflect this.

    As for your army list: The first thing I noticed is that it's a footslogging army with very few Boyz! You're going to need more Boyz, maybe 20 more or so, especially against shooty armies when your marching straight into a gun-line. You'll have a lot of casualites but you need to ensure you get to the enemy with an affective number of Boyz. You seem to have 50pts left in your current list...spend those on more Boyz!

    Stikkbombs are really only good in a few rare circumstances so for the points you've spent I'd say ditch them and get more Boyz!

    Are the deffkoptas a sinlge unit of 3? If so I would consider breaking them into 3 individual units because with 3, if you lose one kopta in the shooting phase you'll be forced to take a leadership test, which 44% of the time will result in the other two fleeing (possibly right off the table).

    Your tankbustas are an expensive choice for heavy support in such a small army. Your deffkoptas with rockets are already an excellent choice for tank hunting so I would consider spending those points on something else. The problem with your tankbustas is that they are on foot and will be easy pickings for enemy shooters and my never be able to reach there intended "fast moving" target.

    Also, many wiser ork warbosses advise taking a Big Mek with Kustom Force Field over a warboss in this type of army list. That way your Big Mek's Field can protect the Boyz as they march toward the enemy, thus giving you better odds of arriving at close combat with more Boyz.

    Does your Warboss go with the Nobz? And might I assume they'll be using the trukk?

    Anyways, I hope that helps some!

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    Many of my points have already been made russ, but I will run through anyways.

    Warboss: Warbosses are used less often than you might suspect, and for good reason. He's a beast in combat, sure, but he benefits your army less than the more popular choice, da Big Mek! Even more so in footslogging armies. The Big Mek's Kustom Force Field (KFF) is an invaluable piece of Orky teknolojy. It gives all vehicles within 6" a 4+ cover save, and all friendly units with at least one model within 6" a 5+ cover save. If you tailor your list to have more boys as russ suggests, you'll be surprised how much this will save your arse!

    The two main uses for Warbosses is to a) make a nob squad a troop choice (allowing them to claim objectives) and b) in speedfreakz/biker lists. As it stands though, at 1,000 points I'd say you don't need to replace him with a big mek. More on this later.

    Very good loadout, but in 1,000 points you really don't need more than 5. If you drop the extra three, you'll still have a solid, hard to kill unit, and have an extra 75 points to spend. Ten points more and you can field that big mek we've been talking about

    Your selection of wargear for this squad is superb, except I'd switch the boss pole from the warboss to one of your nobz. There's two reasons for this, especially if you drop the mob down to 5.. First, if the Warboss ever breaks away from the unit, they lose the bosspoles benefeit. Second, with five nobz, two pks, a Waaagh! banner, a boss pole, and a pain boy, you can place the boss pole on a pk nob, and the Waaagh! on a regular nob. Why's this so cool, you ask? You have 5 nobz in a mob, and each one has a unique selection of wargear! You can allocate wounds to them however you damn well please (granted, each one still has to take a wound before you can loop back around) but it essentially means, with some smart planning, you can take 6 wounds before you lose a single model!

    Just remember, with your warboss, they'll be a troop choice

    Tankbustas: They really serve no purpose in a 1,000 point battle. You won't be facing that much armor, and even if you use them for MEQ killers.. more boyz in close combat will do a much better job! Save these boyz for when you get closer to 1,500 - 2,000 points.

    Shoota/Slugga Boyz: Where'd they all go!? Well, I won't beat the proverbial dead horse here. You simply need more of them. Oh, and /every/ mob of boyz gets a PK nob, even shoota boyz! Thats simply mandatory, no questions asked. First thing I'd add more boyz to is the shoota mob. 4 more boyz and you can add another big shoota!

    Trukk: What are you using this for exactly? I hope not the shoota boyz, as it can only hold 12 models!

    Deffkoptas: These guys work wonders if you use them properly. They're one of my favorite entries in the Codex. But only take them in either full five kopta skwadruns, or as a single kopta. As russ has pointed out, taking three as a single choice means they can break... real easily! Also, don't forget you can turboboost AND assault! When your boyz get stuck in ova 'der thick 'eads, use don't fly the deff koptas around taking pop shots. Either charge into a combat where your boyz need some serious help, or tie up a shooty squad that could rip apart your boyz the turn after they win a combat.

    Lobbas: I've never used big gunz myself, but they look solid, especially if you use them to sit on an objective with the shoota boyz for some added support. However, with so few boyz, that is not a viable option, you'll need all of those boyz to charge into combat.

    My suggestion is to drop the three extra nobz and the tankbustas, get rid of all stikkbombs, and you'll have an extra 276 points to play around with.

    +Add 4 more boyz to the shoota squad and give them a PK and another big shoota (+54 points).
    +Add in another mob of 20 slugga boyz (+180 points)

    This leaves you with 42 extra points to spend. I suggest getting rid of either the trukk, a deff kopta, or the lobbas, and this will give you enough for a Big Mek with a KFF (+85 points) This will give you an incredibly potent, stompy, and competative list!

    Cheers, welcome to da Waaagh!

    EDIT: First off, sorry for the lack of my usual style in this post. I'm dead tired. Second, if you do decide to drop the lobbas for the big mek, you can also give him 'eavy armor or a cybork body. You don't want to give him weapons, you just want to keep him alive!

    If you follow my suggestions, you'll have: A Warboss, a Big Mek w/ KFF, 5 Nobz, 60 Boyz, 2 Deff Koptas, and some extras for support. You can wish your opponent good luck before the battle begins.. and sincerely mean that they'll need it!
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