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Thread: 1500pt list

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    1500pt list

    Hey everyone! New to forums and relatively new to War 40K. Played a while back and still remember most of the rules, but a little rusty. Only really interested in Tyranids, thinktheyre very unique in the War 40k universe

    Please rate this list with any suggestions, tips. I generally plan on advancing with the main army, screening with the gaunts. Have 2 sets of genestealers (one with lord) in terms of advance attacks (infilrating into nearby cover/ scouting to do the same) then launching them out either to tie up their ranged until the rest arrive, or timing the launch to conincide wih the arrival of the rest, depending on how the battle progresses. Have CC 'fex + winged 'Rant for heavy hitting CC, + 2 zoan's, another 'fex and warriors for some ranged hitting power.

    Without further ado:

    Tyranids Roster

    HQ: Broodlord (9#, 309 Pts)
    1 Broodlord @ 309 Pts
    Extended Carapace +1 Save; Feeder Tendrils; Toxin Sacs +1 St; Rending Claws; Scything Talons; Synapse Creature
    8 Genestealers @ [216] Pts
    Extended Carapace +1 Save; Toxin Sacs +1 St; Rending Claws; Scything Talons

    HQ: Hive Tyrant (1#, 171 Pts)
    1 Hive Tyrant @ 171 Pts
    Adrenal Glands +1 WS; Bio-plasma; Toxin Sacs +1 St; Winged; Rending Claws (x1); Scything Talons (x1); Synapse

    Creature; The Horror; Warp Blast

    Elite: Warriors (4#, 142 Pts)
    3 Warriors @ 142 Pts
    Enhanced Senses +1 BS; Toxin Sacs +1 St; Scything Talons (x1); Deathspitter; Synapse Creature
    1 Warriors @ [43] Pts
    Enhanced Senses +1 BS; Toxin Sacs +1 St; Scything Talons (x1); Venom Cannon; Synapse Creature

    Elite: Carnifex (1#, 136 Pts)
    1 Carnifex @ 136 Pts
    Adrenal Glands +1 WS; Bio-plasma; Toxin Sacs +1 St; Crushing Claws; Scything Talons (x1)

    Troops: Gaunt Brood (10#, 70 Pts)
    10 Gaunt Brood @ 70 Pts

    Troops: Gaunt Brood (10#, 70 Pts)
    10 Gaunt Brood @ 70 Pts

    Troops: Gaunt Brood (12#, 60 Pts)
    12 Gaunt Brood @ 60 Pts

    Troops: Gaunt Brood (12#, 60 Pts)
    12 Gaunt Brood @ 60 Pts

    Troops: Genestealers (8#, 184 Pts)
    8 Genestealers @ 184 Pts
    Scuttlers; Rending Claws; Scything Talons

    Troops: Ripper Swarm (3#, 30 Pts)
    3 Ripper Swarm @ 30 Pts

    Heavy Support: Carnifex (1#, 148 Pts)
    1 Carnifex @ 148 Pts
    Enhanced Senses +1 BS; Barbed Strangler; Venom Cannon

    Heavy Support: Zoanthrope (2#, 120 Pts)
    2 Zoanthrope @ 120 Pts
    Toxic Miasma; Catalyst; Warp Blast; Warp Field

    Total Roster Cost: 1500

    My thanks in advance!

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    Hi there, thanks for your (re?)interest in Tyranids! I do have a few suggestions for your army that will hopefully free up some points while maintaining effectiveness!

    Broodlord Et Al: Pretty solid and common build. Maybe throw some Flesh Hooks on him but otherwise he's pretty snazzy as listed. As for his buddies, I would go with Extended Carapace and that's about it. It's sad but true that even with a 4+ save most of your 'Stealers will get shot up and die before arriving on target meaning all the points for Talons and/or Sacs will be lost. You are probably better off getting the third attack in on the charge, keeping the anti-autokill-from-bolter-fire Extended Carapace and run 11 with the 'Lord. Flesh Hooks on those too if you are feeling frisky.

    Tyrant: It's mostly a good build but I'll point out a few things that will save you points. For one, drop the Rending Claws. As a MC he already ignores armor and gets 2d6+S against vehicles. Replace those with another set of Talons for another extra attack. Also drop Warp Blast. It's honestly going to be wasted (and iffy to hit with anyway) on your CC spec. If you want to give him another power then give him Warp Field. Some swear by it, I'm somewhat skeptical for the point cost. If you are going to see large groups of power weapons/claws or las/melta weapons then you may not want to bother as rolling a 6+ to avoid those will quickly make you wonder why you spent all those points. Bio-plasma is OK if you have spare points, same with Toxic Miasma which will additionally punish your foes' chances of hitting you.

    Warriors: Nothing wrong with this build but they still die pretty easily. Throw on Extended Carapace if you can and maybe one or two more in the brood. I'd also upgrade one to a Barbed Strangler as it is only (net) five points more for a 5" pinning blast correctable up to 4"! Plus Warriors can give MCs those lovely 4+ cover saves so "wrapping" your MCs with a line of them isn't too shabby a habit to get into.

    Troops: Scuttlers are usually good on Genestealers but just remember that it will literally put them out in front of everyone unless you are Outflanking. In that instance I'd take Talons away for the same reason as the Broodlord's retinue and throw on Extended Carapace and/or Feeder Tendrils to help support the rerolls to hit and improve survivability.

    Rippers are...well you can probably do something else for 30 points honestly. I hate to say it but I don't see them filling a special niche in this army and will be a bit of a point dump for you right now. Same with the Devourers on your Gaunts. Your classic Spinegaunt makes great fodder that can hit decently (wounding, however...) your Termagaunt is a bit more killy and for only one point more. So take a look at your army concept and see which better suits it.

    Carnifex: A "Gunfex" isn't terrible to have but to an extent you already have tank busters in your Broodlord and Hive Tyrant. You may wish to consider either the "Dakka/Devilfex" or "Boomfex" builds as they can both save you points and you can take either as an Elite choice instead of a Heavy Support if you wish! If you feel like you want more anti-armor instead of anti-personnel you can always make the "Ninjafex" build which can also act as good bait for lascannons and the like.

    Zoanthropes: You won't be using Catalyst too much in this build from how it looks. If Marines are getting into CC that close to your MCs (assumably where your 'Thropes are hanging out) then something is wrong and they've blatantly ignored the massive death you've produced on the other side of the board with your actual melee-spec models. I'd suggest replacing Catalyst with Synapse just to give redundancy as Warriors quickly become targets for both shooting and assault.

    I hope this helps you out. Remember that these are simply one player's suggestions so feel free to disagree with what I've put out there for you to consider. Good luck to you and happy hunting!
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