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    1000 pts. Speed Freaks

    Im starting up orks and i just fell for the in your face brutality of the speed freaks army =) i really want to get an army that i can expand without any major problems. Would this work as a base for a future large Force of gasoline loving green morrons ? any help would be very nice, thanks.

    1 x Warboss = 150
    Power klaw, Warbike, Attack squig, Cyborg bodies.

    5 x Biker Nobz = 335
    Bikes, 1x Powerklaw, 5 x Stikkbombz, bosspole, waaagh! Banner, Painboy, 5 x Cyborg bodies.

    12 x Boyz = 147
    Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole, Trukk.

    12 x Boyz = 147
    Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole, Trukk.

    15 x Stormboyz = 225
    Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole, Eavy Armour.

    Total 999

    Last edited by Anders midtgaard; January 11th, 2009 at 03:28.

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    First uv all, we isn't morrons! We's da toughest, most cunninest of dem all!

    Second, ye'r Stormboyz is too weedy fer all dat 'eavy armour. They's neva be able ta get der stinkin feet off da ground.

    Lose da 'eavy armour, put dat attack squig up fet adopshun, ditch dem stikk bombs, kick one uv dem boyz out uh da trukk an make room fer da big mekboy. Make sure ta remind 'im ta bring along 'es big shiny kustom force wotsit, an ye'r sure ta stomp all dem weedy gitz dat get in yer way!

    Ahem.. Stormboyz cannot take 'eavy armour, so you have to drop it from the list. Once you do that, if you get rid of the attack squig and stikk bombs you should have enough points for a Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field (KFF). You'll want that KFF to give your trukks and storm boyz a better chance of making it to wherever your going.

    Other than that.. I really have no idea. I don't have much (any) experience with trukks.. normally I'd say you don't have enough slugga boyz, but the Storm Boyz might make the difference.. Beyond adding a Big Mek with KFF, which I'm not even sure if thats necessary, I'm wouldn't know.. so I'll leave that to the Speed Freak pro's.

    Welcome to the WAAAGH! Happy stompin!

    EDIT: Sorry, just noticed you only gave the Storm Boy Nob 'eavy armour.. which is legal. >.> I'm tired, so I'll just go pass out and check out the list in the morning.
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