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Thread: 2000pt friendly

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    2000pt friendly

    Hello all, I've been working towards a 2000 pt list and this is what i've come up with. I wanted to beef u my kroot squads with more hounds and make an over all effective list. I mostly play against MEQ's (chaos and crons) and shooty nids. so here it is (its been updated with a few changes) please tell me what you think


    Commander -97

    Shas’el, Plasmas rifle, Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array, Hard Wired Multi Tracker


    XV8 Crisis Team- 106
    2 Shas’ui, Twin linked Missile Pods, Targeting array

    XV8 Crisis Team- 124
    2 Shas’ui, Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods, Multi Trackers

    Stealth Team- 180
    6 Shas’ui


    Fire Warrior Team- 215
    12 Warriors, Shas’ui, Devilfish, Disruption Pods

    Fire Warrior Team- 215
    12 Warriors, Shas’ui, Devilfish, Disruption Pods

    Fire Warrior Team- 130
    12 Warriors, Shas’ui (takes pathfinders' devilfish)

    Kroot Carnivore Squad- 112
    10 Kroot, 8 hounds

    Kroot Carnivore Squad- 112
    10 Kroot, 8 hounds

    Fast Attack-

    Pathfinder Team- 191
    8 Pathfiders, Shas’ui,Devilfish, Disruption Pods

    Heavy Support-

    Hammerhead gunship- 165
    railgun,Burst Cannons, Multi Tracker, Disruption Pods

    Hammerhead gunship- 165
    railgun,Burst Cannons, Multi Tracker, Disruption Pods

    VX88 Broadside Battle Suit- 170
    2 Shas'ui, Advanced Stabilizing Systems, Team Leader, Target Lock

    Total points: 1994

    I also had a couple questions:
    Are bonding knifes worth it? they could free up some points
    should i stay with one hammerHead and 2 XV88s or should i go 2 hammerheads?
    Is the HW Target lock on the Shas'ui pathfinder really worth it? its seems good so far

    I'm not a big fan of deathrains but i would switch to them if it was the last option.

    I'm open to all criticism and options, Thanks

    Ok so i changed the 1 squad to become deathrains, took out bonding knifes, and replaced the vespids with another railhead, and with that i get 2 more hounds yay!
    Thank you psy for catching the one support system, I had them being team leaders but changed that with I put list up, and forgot about the multi trackers.
    and i would like to hear your reasoning for not like fireknifes as elites? is it cost, the bs, what, and what do you put in their place?

    Thanks again, and i'm still open to list changes

    Last edited by Pawl; January 14th, 2009 at 01:55. Reason: made updates and added totals points

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pawl View Post
    Are bonding knifes worth it? They could free up some points.
    Should I stay with one Hammerhead and 2 XV88s or should I go 2 Hammerheads?
    Is the HW Target lock on the Shas'ui pathfinder really worth it? It seems good so far.

    I'm not a big fan of Deathrains, but I would switch to them if it was the last option.
    1. I don't think Bonding Knives are worth it. First the squad needs to be reduced to below 50% and then you have to fail a LD test to boot. By the time that happens the squad has probably been reduced to like 2 or 3 models and has lost its combat usefulness anyway. I've used Bonding Knives before and never benefited. Leave them at home.
    2. Depends on your play-style. This list is very mechanized so you would probably be better going with the 2 Hammerheads to compliment the rest of the army.
    3. Leave the Target Lock at home. If he hits, and I emphasize the "if", one Marker-light hit on a target isn't going to help you out much. Use your Marker-Lights to paint the biggest threat and do as much damage as you can; it's the Tau art of war, eliminate strategic targets, one at a time, systematically working your way down the threat-level hierarchy.
    4. Deathrains (Twin-Linked MP with Targeting Array) are one of the most effective Crisis load-outs available, but the Crisis load-outs you have are really good too.

    As for the List:
    I like everything except the proposed Shield Generator on the Shas'el, the Bonding Knives, the Target Lock in the Pathfinder Squad, the Vespids, and the Multi-Trackers on the Broadsides.
    - Crisis Commanders aren't uber-impressive hardcore killers, like most HQ choices available to other armies, and they really shouldn't be treated or used differently than ordinary Crisis Suits; sure, they have better BS and more wounds, but that's it. So, leave the Shield Generator at home, it costs too many points.
    - See above regarding Bonding Knives.
    - See above regarding the Target Lock in the Pathfinder squad.
    - I've never used Vespid before, but that's because I've heard nothing but bad things about them.
    - Railguns and SMSs are completely different weapons; Railguns are used for armor and high T, which SMSs can't do anything against, and SMSs are used against infantry and low T, which Railguns are a waste against. So, generally speaking, your Broadside will want to use either the TL-Railgun or the SMS in a given turn. Save yourself the points spent on the Shas'ui upgrade and MT.
    Last edited by counterwavecounter; January 13th, 2009 at 11:20.
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    I am not a fan of the BC/MP weapon arrangement, since they just have way too different a range and purpose. Though it's very cookie-cutter, I know, Deathrains would probably be more effective.

    I'm also not that big a fan of Fireknie configuration on Elite slots other than Team leaders, but that's purely a judgment call for you.

    As for your question of whether to have 2 Broadsides or 2 Tanks, you can do both if you have the points by making the Broadsides into a 2-man team.

    I don't like the Vespids very much at all. They're just too fragile for their points cost, and the weapon range means that if you roll badly they WILL be assaulted, in which case they WILL die.

    Broadsides only have one available hard-point, so you cannot have both a multi-tracker and the stabilization system unless you make them a team leader and make the tracker had-wired. Drop the tracker, you shouldn't need it for the reasons described before my post got in

    I'm neutral on bonding knives with Pathfinders. They will likely see a lot of use (since Pathfinders tent to be targetted early), but they lose nearly all of ther effetciveness when you only have 1-3 odels left. It is, again, a judgment call for you, though I wouldn't unless I had points to spare (which you don't).
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